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I think they are always entertaining and even the ones that aren't I could care less if I have to listen to 30 seconds or a bit about something that is helping the site. Also I am too lazy to download the premium feed to my phone while pocketcasts is subscribed and is one button each week.

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I never thought of Escape from Tomorrow as a horror movie, just seemed like an interesting psychological thriller because of its context. I guess it makes sense looking at it that way.

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I read 1001 Nights of Snowfall which depicts snow white as the main character. I loved it and want to read more, but what really surprised me about the game was how fast they killed her off, because she seemed like such a major character in the series.

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request for PS3! Name is redsoundwaves

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...Which brings me to another game soundtrack that drives me insane (how I recognized the tune in the first place):

Oh man Eurobeat is so good...

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This year has a good bit of games and especially sequels since we are reaching the end of the console lifespan, I think this year a lot of the games that were really good were downloadable.

Journey had a great artistic direction and is going for GOTY in many categories along with The Walking Dead, two games I think fully deserve it.

Also Torchlight 2 came out this year which was great for a lot of action-RPG fans and Skullgirls seems to have satisfied a lot of the fighting crowd.

Mark of the Ninja has even become critically acclaimed.

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I'm just glad to know Sugar Plumps is doing fine. It's a potential GOTY contender for me.

That was almost exactly what bothered me about the ending. The interaction with Sugar Plumps added a fascinating element to the plot: A Journey-like attachment to another character set on the emotional/psychological trajectory of Spec Ops: The Line. It looked like it was aiming to slam you straight to rock bottom and then try to dig down further. To double back on that at the last second and say "just kidding! S.P.'s actually alive and relaxing on a beach, the sun's coming out, and you're off on your own brand new adventure!" squanders precisely what made the story compelling in the first place.

I think the highest point of the game was where the story hit it's lowest, the moment that S.P. offhandedly ponders "I wonder what the fire would look like if I got just a little bit closer..." For me that was the "oh man, things were weird before but shit's about to get real bad soon" moment.

I totally agree with this, I was really loving the dark turn of events that were happening by the time you reached the end of the game and I was just waiting for the worst once I hit outside. So it was really disappointing for me to see almost an easy way out on the sugar plumps thing. I thought it was going to be a twist and they were tricking you into thinking that she was on the beach. It just didn't make any sense, going from floating eyeball spirit to hanging out on the beach. You don't ever hear from her after that either, it left me looking to see if there was an alternate path in the game that I missed. Although I believe that may have been her typing at Tomorrow Corporation but I can't be sure.

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I haven't started the Metro series but it isn't fun watching a publishers with great IP's such as these begin to go downhill like this.