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Is this possible to do if you use a Facebook login? I was dumb and made a terrible decision when I made my account.

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I want them to keep doing mario party but maybe if they could have like a tag team with someone, similar to how Drew and Jason were handing off the controller. It not only seemed to help out Drew's mood but having a new person while everyone seemed pretty frustrated honestly added a restored some life in the stream which I thought stuck through until the end.

Here's to Mario Party Party 4!

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A lot of anxiety started to show in me during high school, didn't help that some of the people I kept trying to hang out with only made it worse to the point where I was talking about suicide. I have dealt with that and ADHD since then and trying to figure out how to handle i, I am no where near as bad now because I stopped interacting with most of those people but I still deal with a couple of issues.. Most of my anxiety comes from me worrying about the worst possibilities of how something could turn out and I also get incredibly stressed out over not having enough time to get things done. It makes things incredibly hard to be productive. It's not as bad as a lot of other people but I am glad I can share it on here. :)

I saw a therapist a while back during that period in high school and I have been meaning to since, I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

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I'm glad Drew and Jason had a tag team thing going on, Drew was good for the first half and then when everyone started to get quiet Jason came in and lightened the air. Hope that this isn't the last one!

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Excited for a spot to open up, don't think I am going to join another club until I can get in on this one!

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I think they are always entertaining and even the ones that aren't I could care less if I have to listen to 30 seconds or a bit about something that is helping the site. Also I am too lazy to download the premium feed to my phone while pocketcasts is subscribed and is one button each week.

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I never thought of Escape from Tomorrow as a horror movie, just seemed like an interesting psychological thriller because of its context. I guess it makes sense looking at it that way.

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I read 1001 Nights of Snowfall which depicts snow white as the main character. I loved it and want to read more, but what really surprised me about the game was how fast they killed her off, because she seemed like such a major character in the series.

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