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I don't need everything to be about videogames, they already produce enough of that for me.

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-Steam name - RED

-Around 3500 MMR with around 850 wins

- US East

- I'm willing to play any position and heroes really except for junglers that require micro skills.

-But I definitely prefer to play heroes that are active playmakers so most comfortable in mid or offlane.

- I'm searching alone but could ask a friend to join if this goes anywhere and we need someone else.

- I don't want to be captain but could be convinced to if needed.

Didn't plan to sign up because my work schedule isn't the most consistent but I do always get the same 2 days off. So with the promise of flexible scheduling and the promise of fun first I was encouraged to sign up anyway. Thanks guys! :D

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What's wrong with Gamespot giving PoE the award? I've played more dota 2 than anything else this year but I think PoE is a worthy game, liked it way more than Diablo 3 and i didn't pay a cent for anything unlike the $60 for D3.

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Can I get my name added? Origin ID: LEGGO_MY_EGGO_7

My first pc battlefield and it's great.

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@chiablo: I think I'm gonna go with the 770 4GB and try to sell the games to offset the price and wait for newer cards. But I feel like new 290s will come out right after I buy, uggh, decisions. Actually do you think black friday will have any deals on these high end cards to make the 770 even cheaper? I've never payed attention to black friday pc sales.

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Yeah I'm leaning towards waiting because I'm not really interested in the free games other than for pretty graphics. It's just pretty tough when you have all the other parts ready to go.

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I've been building my first PC that I would like to have done by Christmas time, and the main things I haven't bought yet are a video card and a hard drive. I was planning to get a GTX 770 or 760 before the 290 came out and the price just barely fits into my budget that the performance for the price is extremely attractive especially with the prospect of mantle making it even better for games like BF4. The only thing stopping me from buying it already is the complaints of noise and temps on the card. Honestly I think I could deal with a noisy card but I'm not sure I can trust AMD saying it's designed to run at 95°C. What are the chances that temps like that like that will end up being damaging over a year or two? I'm new to this so it doesn't seem too safe but maybe it isn't that big of a deal.

This leads to people saying to wait for aftermarket cooler version but I don't know if those will come out before the new year or not. Is it possible to just add a better custom cooler later on without too much trouble? I saw water blocks but don't know if those need maintenance which I will probably be bad at with my first computer.

So really I'd just like to know opinions of if it's worth buying right now since I don't care about noise. If you expect new cooler versions to come out in the next month or if I should just get a cheaper card like a GTX 760 and wait for the next line of high end cards to come out deeper into next gen?

Thanks for replies!

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Xbox 360: Redsox44

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I enjoyed the Doom shaking his tail feathers on both occasions lol. Kessler is hilarious, but Brad still says annoying things and man I'm not even good at Dota but his map awareness is crazy bad.

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Not really a full let's play but these were the first videos I saw of his and I thought they were hilarious. Was what got me to buy E.Y.E. There's 13 Eps.

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