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Get the best Windows PC you can afford. You will probably end up install a Linux on a partition after a couple of years. That's what I did at least.

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What's up with that?

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Jeff is a ghost: CONFIRMED

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@Dixavd said:

NeoGAF is one of the banes of the industry. I truly despise that site; not because of the elitism*, it is instead due to how much that site hurts the entire gaming industry. Alike to Metacritic, people have actually lost jobs due to that forum. Not to mention all of their “leaks” and “sources” which plague the industry on false information and can kill a title before they even start development on it.

Other forums may have more spammers and annoying idiots but at least they can say that their forum hasn’t affected real life jobs. (NeoGAF does still have idiotic users though; in fact while they won’t care to admit, they are an extremely meme-heavy forum).

NeoGAF does have some great things in it and some good, pleasant users (although they are still in the minority) but I hate that site on pure principle and it doesn’t have anything significantly better than other sites to warrant sticking around it and ignoring its faults. My dislike of it is purely on about 1% of it which does that stuff but man is it despicable (along with all other sites which promote such shitty fake leaks and such - I'm looking at you Kotaku) but I can't overcome it for the 99% which are likely just normal human beings who just want to talk about videogames.

*(Which there assuredly is: if Reddit is the closest thing we will ever get to equality on the internet – which I damn sure hope it isn’t, that has problems too – then NeoGAF comparatively has the hierarchy of an Ancient Egyptian dynasty).

I think you are overestimating how much of an affect GAF has, I'm pretty sure developers and publishers don't look to it for approval. GAF doesn't 'promote' fake leaks, it is a forum, it's users discuss whatever leaks, fake or not, they want.

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Yeah... I quit this war. I'm not very good at it. And now I think I might be dyslexic.

It's not a 'war' dude, and don't get yourself down, I just thought it was a funny mistake :)

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Seriously? I thought I checked though.....

I hate myself right now.

Yep, for a few months now. Better luck next time buddy.

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@Patryn said:

@FluxWaveZ: Are you seriously that bothered by what we say in the GB thread on GAF?

You shouldn't taken it seriously. Lord knows I really don't.

I think that's the thing I find craziest about this. I hope nobody sees my posting in this thread as malicious, because it really isn't. It's just kind of amusing how much venom some of the people in here have for another internet message board where nerds talk about video games.

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Despite the fact I have 5 forum posts, I have been a premium member for quite some time.

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Wait... where the hell did that membership come from?!


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4 more to go buddy.

3 now!

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If you can post 5 more times in this thread in the next 24 hours. I'll give you prize.


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