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Been waiting for a Steam Box... curious what the pricing tiers will be.

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I'm surprised at this timing. In the US (the obvious focus market), that is just one week before Black Friday. Will MS be able to restock shelves quickly enough after launch day to handle that crowd? Or will they be missing out on a huge commercial opportunity? Two weeks should be enough for Sony to get more PS4s out, so they may get the double bonus of releasing first and having stock for the Black Friday shoppers, while MS gets neither.

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When I first heard her voice, I described it as "19th Century Street Urchin."

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This is a good idea, but Rockstar has done a poor job of marketing it.  Many people (myself included) are initially confused and think this is similar to the EA online pass.  In actuality, it is more like an all-inclusive Cerberus Network where you pay one price and get free access to all DLC coming out through July.  I already have the Naked City and the Badge Collection stuff, so I'm only saving a couple bucks with the pass, but it is certainly a good idea for anyone who didn't preorder the game or especially for anyone who picks it up used.
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A couple of good ones I've found on Indie Games are Breath of Death VII and Cthulu Saves the World, both by Zeboyd games.  I also have Epic Dungeon, but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.  If nothing else, this article will make me find out more about Sequence.  Love the improved news reports on here now.
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Vic Ireland (of Working Designs fame) would be spinning in his grave, if he were dead.
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Hate this... but more so for RPGs and such.  Sports games really only need a reference sheet anyway.  I always read a manual cover to cover before I play any game, and then again after playing the game for a couple hours to see if I have missed anything helpful.  I hope this isn't what every company does now.  I still love my Fallout 1 spiral bound notebook, and while that isn't practical for console games, there have been some great looking, useful manuals for games this generation that I would have missed.
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I could run Sega better than anyone in their management has for the past 15 years. To think that at one point, Sega was in a dead heat with Nintendo back when Genesis was king. 
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 where every single action makes them question their own senses of morality and reality     
Oh, you mean kind of like Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem?
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@WitchHunter_Z said:
@Shirogane said:
" @animateria said:
"two people with SMGs are better than two people with handguns."
This seems like common sense? Unless you're playing Halo CE...  Deciding between this and Nier. Same price, but i'd have to get this on 360. PS3 version is out of stock and it costs more anyway. "
Well with the way the combat works it's impossible to actually kill an enemy with the 'scratch damage' an SMG deals unless it's transformed into 'direct damage' by a handgun or grenade. So while two SMG users do more damage you only have one character that can actually finish off enemies, if he gets stunned or ends up in poor location to attack from things can get messy quickly.I can't comment on Nier, but I can highly recommend picking up Resonance of Fate. It's well worth your money if you're willing to persevere through the frustrating parts. I haven't run into any issues with the PS3 version, and I can't imagine that being any different on the 360. "

The solution to this is to have grenades on one of the SMG users.  That way, you can switch off if necessary.  Grenades aren't quite as reliable as pistols for targeting body parts, but they will do in a pinch.
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