Good God, Hawx 2

Hawx 2 (technically H.A.W.X. 2) is a game that I would normally never play, and yet I found myself playing it this morning, and I must say I found it somewhat entertaining, though it is not something I would spend money on.  I do not buy many games (for the pc, my iTouch is another story), and I am usually content with TF2 and one or two racing games per year.  However last morning I received a free copy of Hawx 2 with my purchase of a $20 flash drive.  "Last morning" was Black Friday, and yes, It was a special deal for the first 25 to buy anything, so don't ask me where you can get this deal for yourself, because you can't.   Anyways, if I can get something for free (legally) I give it a try, so I dutifully punched in my code to the at 9:30 that morning.  And waited.  And waited.  And played TF2.  And waited some more.  Finally at around 3:00 the website finally accepted my order and I could begin to download the game.  To make a long story short, it was the next morning before I could actually play anything.  I'm going to try to prevent this from becoming a rant about Ubisoft's website and DRM, but lets just say that it is not ideal. 
So I finally boot up Hawx.  There is definitely something fun about flying around as a jet and just blowing the crap out of other jets, but it seems like there is something different.  I generally suck at flight games, so my tactics in Hawx went something like this: Fly at yellow arrow (shows you where your target is), then wait for missile lock and shoot 2 missiles.  Repeat for next target.  The mission I stopped on is probably only the third in the campaign.  In this one you have to escort a flotilla of US forces to attack an offshore oil rig/factory/place, and the only direction they give you is "Clear a Path".  So each mission would go like this:  Start out, speed over to catch up with the convoy (the game checkpointed me WAY behind, so the convoy would already be damaged by the time I got there) and try to shoot stuff.  Shoot down like 5 helicopters, and destroy their entire air force.  Shoot painfully slow moving AGMs (Air to Ground Missiles?) at some ships/oil rig looking things.  Hear like 20 "Dude shoot more stuff down b/c the convoy is getting destroyed" messages.  Crash into water or enemy ship while trying to figure out where the convoy actually is.   This is probably my fault, but I think that it would be much easier if I could actually figure out what I am supposed to be killing.
Basically, at any one time there are about 15 potential targets on the screen, all of which are marked by the same exact target selection box.  There was no map that I could find that would tell me what was attacking the convoy, or allow me to lock on to those things.  to make matters worse, the entire area is saturated with enemies, and it is difficult to tell which direction "home" is and which direction the entire map full of enemy forces is. 
So whats my point?  I suck at Flight games.  But I will try again and post a new entry if I manage to beat it. 
(incidentally I did have a lot of fun with the AC-130 mission, so it does have promise)


Quests. Again. (lend me your ears)

With this post I will get the lend me your ears set.  So this is a good time to talk about quests in general, and what they have done for me.  Quests have serioulsy motivated me to be more active on the site, and I hope that is what the designers expected.  Overall a great addition to the site. 
I don't know what place I got on the the set yet, but heres hoping its good....


Warpgate awesomeness (part 4.95)

Ok this is probably going to be pretty short, but also apparently if you don't quit the app before putting your iphone on hold it will still drain your battery (i think).  All I know is that my iPod died and I just charged it.  Further investigation is required.


Scifi? (not SyFy)

I recently got back into reading, there is a bit of a lull in my gaming as of now, and I am finding some cool books out there.  Unfortunately I have this habit of starting like 5 books at a time and then finishing them about 3 months later (or not at all).  But in this case they are library books so I guess I have to buckle down, or pay the (literal) price.


Warpgate awesomeness (part 4.9)

Ok. This game is seriously trying to jerk me around a little bit.  There are some instances where you can kinda tell that the iPad version came first.  Text for instance.  It always overlaps itself, like the game was expecting a bigger screen.  A bunch of stuff either gets cut off or is ridiculously confusing.  Navigation is also a pain, and combat is getting a little boring.   It is good that there is no penalty when you die, because that mostly comes down to luck.  I would much prefer some sort of death penalty and a more skill based combat system, even if only similar to the one in infinite space
Don't get me wrong, it is still fun, but just not stellar.


Cave Story?

So what is with this game?  Why would you ever buy it on wiiware when a free indy version of it is available for the pc?  I think that that was the way the game was meant to be played, so that is how I will play it. 
Gotta find those dragon eggs dammit!  Stupid white kill thingy!


Who put Sam and Max in my TF2?

Heard about Sam & Max: the Devil's Playhouse yet? 
Well several brand new items related to that telltale product are coming to TF2 now. 
Apparently if you purchase the game this week, you get 3 items for tf2 to put on your characters, and then kill people with. 
I don't know how I feel about this.  On one hand, I think that this is awesome, because I am a fan of both games, and I think that this is hilarious.  But on the other hand, Tradition! (Damn you Fiddler on the Roof) 
Anyways, on the other hand I disapprove of the way they are trying to put hooks into you to buy those games. 
But if this were to work in any game it would be TF2, as it is so over the top as it is the "fiction" cannot really be cheapened by this.


Warpgate awesomeness (part 4.75)

Aaaaaannndd, I got deferred to yet another system.  Man these guys have me running around like a delivery boy. 
I think I need to replenish some funds, I'm running a bit low on liquid capital at the moment.  Finding a new ship in this game is so annoying XD.


Warpgate awesomeness (part 4.5)

Well, no fireworks yet, basically I just got deferred to another system. 
I did however buy a FATL IV weapon to be the button I mash (Low damage but low recharge rate).  My ship is gonna turn out to be pretty well equipped after this. 
Now its off to polaris to do that mission for the weird unidentified dudes.


Warpgate awesomness (part 4)

Branching story time! 
Spent about 20 minutes searching around for new weapons, bought a nuke missile, still looking for a gt line III to be my rapid fire. 
Now I have to decide how much I like the ecclesiarchy, basically the mission could take two paths, for them or for some weird rebel guys.  I think I'm going with the rebels this time as my rating with the ecc is currently 100% and I want to see what those guys have to offer.