Warpgate awesomeness (part 3)

Ok, so I'm getting a little bit bogged down now. 
The problem seems to be the way you gain information on the prices of objects, you actually have to be at the planets.  While this might not sound like a real problem, there is also no autopilot between systems, so trying to find a specific type of mineral at a good price can get really really boring sometimes.  This also applies to ships, as there is no way to view what ship is in the shipyards of each city, so I'm sill on the einhorn (Ace Ventura reference?). 
Pretty much have just been flying around looking for Adelaide Medicine on the cheap...


Warpgate awesomeness (part 2.5)

Ok, so this is going to be sort of a mini-update... 
I ended up progressing a little bit further in the story with pretty much no problems so far, with one minor exception.  Oddly some pirates decided to kill me every time I would undock from a certain port, but I just ran away (after like the 7th death) 
This game is still living up to the level of awesomeness I was expecting.


Warpgate awesomeness (part 2)

Crap I got bogged down running Biotics from Mars to Pluto.  I think I am waaayyyyyy ahead of the curve money-wise at this point, but I'm still having fun.  I also have a new ship the "einhorn 2" or some such, definitely looks a lot cooler than my old vulture.


Warpgate awesomeness (initial impressions)

Ok, This might be kind of fanboyish, but warpgate is one of the awesomest games I've played on my touch to date...  It just has this sort of perfect balance between combat and everything else.  Ive played less than an hour so far so I guess I will be posting new update blogs as I go...


Giant Bomb editor crashing woes.

Man, I just don't know what it is about the giant bomb editor...  It always seems to crash just before you think about copy/pasting your work so you don't lose it... and then totally kills your enthusiasm.  Stupid Eliminate review I was writing.


South Boston. Only 11 people in the whole area.

OK, OK, 11 People as of the time I secured the quest.  After I got finally achieved it (the last achievement I had to do way Mowin' them down.) I thought about why it was that so few people would have completed it...  And I can't figure out why.  Is it because empty pages are getting few and far between? Is it because people on the internet are lazy? Is it because the GB editor likes to crash?  I don't know and I would like to find out.


A final thought on the MW2 Free Weekend.

Yup.  I think I am done with this.  I played another hour or so of that game, and I am basically through with it.  It just doesn't let you respond to an attack.  Being used to TF2 where almost nothing one hit kills you, and it seems more skill based rather that who see who first, I just can't carry through with it. 
Back to whacking people with my useless homewrecker, and hoping for a hat drop.


A Thought on the MW2 Free Weekend.

Well, I just spent like 6 hours playing MW2 for the free weekend... and well, I must say it was alot of fun.  I still don't have plans to ever really get this game... but I am thinking about it more than before. 
It seems like with time I could get good at it, but being someone with over 200 hours into team fortress 2, I don't know if I want to do that all over again... 
More food for thought I guess. 
(3rd blog post today... Achivement here I come XD)


You know, 95 is a big number... (oh oh an ellipsis)

Well, Its me, back again for the second time this day... 
Now I was frantically trying to get the "Martin Luther would be proud" achievements, I don't think it is a spoiler to say you have to make a list with 95 items, because it says so as long as you create any list at all... 
Well, anyways, I thought I would just rip out a quick list of 95 games I own... Whoa and boy was I wrong.  (crap another ellipsis) 
95 Games is A LOT, especially for an only semi-hardcore gamer such as myself... I had to go all the way back to games from my childhood, and even before that. 
Eventually I relented and changed the list to include consoles and other gaming paraphernalia... but on a deep level I am not satisfied. 
But, on the other hand, even the around 80 games I was able to muster up is a lot.  I really had no idea it would be that high when I started, I was expecting about 30. 
I guess I have the quest system to thank for that.