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The "on the other hand, tradition!" is a reference to the play Fiddler on the Roof, in which the main dude says that like 500000 times during every scene.  So basically whenever I think about that phrase I think about that musical.  Accordion music is just too catchy.

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Meh, I just hate blank pages.
Now I gotta go fill them all out XD.  On a side note, there is no practical way to screenshot a ds is there...

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With this post I will get the lend me your ears set.  So this is a good time to talk about quests in general, and what they have done for me.  Quests have serioulsy motivated me to be more active on the site, and I hope that is what the designers expected.  Overall a great addition to the site. 
I don't know what place I got on the the set yet, but heres hoping its good....

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Which pc headsets do you use (if any) 
I use a plantronics gamecom.  giant, but pretty comfortable. 
Do you guys even think a headset is worth it for the pc?

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The problem is there isn't really anything to fill out.  For some there would be thing such as their stats as your tank crewman but for most it would be something along the lines of: 
*name here* slime 36, rescued in forewood forest.  Hangs around the library in town after rescued. 
maybe type out the line they say when you go talk to them... 
I guess I could kind of see that being in the database... wiki task anyone (fill out all 100 slimes with info)

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Heard about Sam & Max: the Devil's Playhouse yet? 
Well several brand new items related to that telltale product are coming to TF2 now. 
Apparently if you purchase the game this week, you get 3 items for tf2 to put on your characters, and then kill people with. 
I don't know how I feel about this.  On one hand, I think that this is awesome, because I am a fan of both games, and I think that this is hilarious.  But on the other hand, Tradition! (Damn you Fiddler on the Roof) 
Anyways, on the other hand I disapprove of the way they are trying to put hooks into you to buy those games. 
But if this were to work in any game it would be TF2, as it is so over the top as it is the "fiction" cannot really be cheapened by this.

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I was editing the Rocket Slime page recently (got tac nuke on it) and I noticed that someone created pages for approximately 30 of the slimes you rescue in the game.  By and large the pages are blank, and there is really nothing to put there,  Story-wise all but a few are totally expendable, a squishy statistic to be rescued, and gameplay-wise most just stand around town and deliver the same line endlessly.  So I think that those pages should be deleted.

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Ok, so this forum is dead right now... but I hope it will pick up soon... 
But my question is how much randomness is built in to the world?  Is it just commodity prices, equipment and ships?

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meh. 39 I was watching a ql XD