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Oh, Hey!  You killed the last Boss?  Thats great man! So, uh, there are these like 15 dudes standing over here who happen who want to challenge you to a death tournament. What?  No, I can't hear you...  Oh, how can they challenge you when you just killed the evil overlord?  Well they are much stronger than him.  Oh, no no they didn't lift a finger to stop him.  no, not even when he was going to destroy the world.  So you in or not?  I mean they can always find someone else... 
OK.  I digress.  I seem to think that this comes up in many games, but I am hard-pressed to find instances of this in games, and I don't want to create a new concept that does not  have any games attached. 
Anyone got an example?  The only one I can come up with is Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

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I just recently aquired this game, and was wondering what (if anything) other people have heard about it.  So far the game has been super fun, and I just wanted someone to talk to about it. 
Such a great value for $5 (iPod touch)

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I love the TF2 sniper rifle. I really like the green text for some reason, and It's so satisfying to have a heavy/medic jump around a corner, and quiky headshot the Medic, then watch the heavy get destroyed as he tries to figure out what happened. (Or you could just kill him too)

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I did all the Sim [whatever] games, because I found a couple compilations with 6 games in each In my basement...  If I understand correctly those go in as releases of the games that the compilation contains, because no new content is added.  Did anyone else experience a lot of weird lag and 504 errors on the site?

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I finished at #4.  That was crazy, wish I had my 5k points so I didn't have to wait on mods XD.

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I find myself trying to reload with weapons that are already full, or weapons with no reloading (EX. pyro flamer in TF2). 
Interruptible reloads are my friend XD.

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Yeah, I was really lucky the page for "eliminate" was pretty much totally empty... 
I uploaded like 50 images and then went to town on the editor, I kinda overdid it though and ended up with a 1400 point submission. But I guess that is a good thing.

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I recently completed this set at midnight last night, and the little ticker said that I was only the 11th person to do so... 
What makes this quest so hard?  Is it the Major Fan, I know I spent like 2 hours on the wiki entry the finally got it. 
(doing tac nuke and major fan on separate articles is a pain)

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Make it so they can NEVER achieve that quest...  
(this is spoken as someone who made his first blog post because of the quest, though I do have my 1k points and am not going anywhere) 
They probably would just make a new account though and do it all over again? 
by quest blogging I assume you mean making a useless blog post that says something like "hehehe I got a quest" and linking it to the quest forum?

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Well, Its me, back again for the second time this day... 
Now I was frantically trying to get the "Martin Luther would be proud" achievements, I don't think it is a spoiler to say you have to make a list with 95 items, because it says so as long as you create any list at all... 
Well, anyways, I thought I would just rip out a quick list of 95 games I own... Whoa and boy was I wrong.  (crap another ellipsis) 
95 Games is A LOT, especially for an only semi-hardcore gamer such as myself... I had to go all the way back to games from my childhood, and even before that. 
Eventually I relented and changed the list to include consoles and other gaming paraphernalia... but on a deep level I am not satisfied. 
But, on the other hand, even the around 80 games I was able to muster up is a lot.  I really had no idea it would be that high when I started, I was expecting about 30. 
I guess I have the quest system to thank for that.