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But what about scroll length?  I think that would be more annoying than anything else about this...  (this is more for page text than objects)

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But should each car have a page?  What about weapons lists? 
 Maybe the wiki should incorporate a "hidden list" feature that would just hide the text of the list until the user chose to show it?  
yeah, grand turismo with like 700 cars would be a problem to put in XD...

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I was kind of wondering about pages specific to different car models, i.e "ford bronco" has its own page... so does that mean I should add the 100+ cars that I know that do no currently have pages, but I know are in racing games? 
 Maybe the solution is to add something akin to the "spoiler" function on forums, where you could just show or hide the list with a click...

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Hey, here's hopin' (OMG! Apostrophe after the last letter? OMGWTFFBBBBQue?)