Post your favorite Audiosurf songs here!

With Audiosurf Air beta coming along pretty soon (I hope) I've been re-visiting audiosurf. I love playing ninja mono [hard] with ironmode checked. A song I find extremely enjoyable to surf is; Skrillex - Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain).

Post YOUR favorite surf song!


Minecraft 3D animation

I love to animate but I need some honest feedback. What do you think of my animation? How can I improve my animations? Please give me your honest feedback so I can improve my next one. Thanks.


*SPOILER ALERT* Mass effect 3 endings. Worst ending to a trilogy?

Hi, I've just finished Mass effect 3 with my super awesome femshep. She was a good commander, fought and saved many lives. She helped people and spent many hours of mining to achieve something she thought would be awesome. But then it turns out she could have just farted around. I mean common! I love mass effect, I've had this character since the first game... I don't know what to say I mean... Space ghost children? The fuck?! I feel raped and confused... Anyone else that feels weird about the endings?!


Enlightenment on Giantbomb history

Gütten tak lovely community!

Need some enlightenment on some thing here on giantbomb. I wonder this...

Whats the Origin of the deer with a luchador mask?

Also what's giant bombs first video?


ps: If you got your own questions about the bomb post them as well!