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This applies to ANY item, If you're full with Blood Vials, a green symbol will appear next to the item upon pick up. This is basically a way to tell you that they are stored, and if you use a bunch and die or go to Hunters Dream, the items will fill up again.

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Alright, promising start. Maybe 3 Hololens versions from now we might have the technology just as accurate like it's in the concept video. Then we just need Harold White to finish his warp drive (which was successful in particle experiments), we might just have the glorious future we've ( I ) have been dreaming of.

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Here's the real deal by the way.

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Jeff, you should write more often!

Looks like we know who they hired for the news position, Jeff went ahead and hired himself!

That's Lord Gerstmann now

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And this is why I hate PC gaming sometimes. I have a fierce rig I've built, it can play games like Alien: Isolation ultra no problem, Crysis 3 etc etc (input high graphic fidelity game here). BUT then there's a game that you spend money on that just is broken like Far Cry 4, (I know a lot of people say it's fine but trust me It's not on my rig). It ran great in nature with ultra settings, but if I where to look at *gasp* a COTTAGE! or some kind of structure "10 fps" and it didn't mattered which graphics settings I had it on, it was always <10. I then updated my graphics drivers that which was not beta mind you and it made the game run at 20 fps all the time no matter what graphics settings I had it on. That's why I own a console as well...

But yeah dude update / role back your graphics drivers or check for a fix with the CPU.

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According to Red Letter Media, Carpenter once said on... some horror convention, that remakes of his movies are great, because all HE has to do is; close his eyes, stretch out his hand and a check magically floats into it. Hey he's honest and I respect him immensely for it.

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I recently listened to the DadCast at tested and realized how much I miss Vinny on a podcast.

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Curios how many people want this, a new gaming podcast with Vinny and Alex.
In my own personal opinion there can never be enough podcasts.

Have they ever talked about this? I know they are pretty busy with the office switch soon, unless it's already ongoing...

So what do you think? Yay or Nay?

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From a man in the middle point of view. I barely knew what was going on until 2 days ago. I googled gamer gate and the only result I got was a site called GamersGate, which was a Steam looking store page. By the power of my incredible brain I managed to figure out that this was NOT the problem everyone was yelling about. Then I found a wiki and read about it. Then I read about the other people against the other people. Then I saw a bunch of shit throwing from both sides, threats and horrible comments from everywhere! And apparently some of the people whom unfortunately got harassed was involved in Giantbomb? or something? and they got a bunch of shit for that for some reason? To me it's like watching a tennis match with 3 million balls in play at the same time. Just a big clusterfuck.

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The hysterical manner in which feminists engage in video game related debate is no excuse to scare a human being in this way, shame on the guy who did this.

Many people feel frustrated by the recent wave of internet feminists but you can tackle these people with logical and sensible debate, this guy is making all who oppose the ultra liberal-leftie video games journalists, who want to constantly push their political agenda in our faces, look like evil people which, of course, isn't the case. This guy is a dick and it's a shame that he currently represents the counter argument to all this hysteria, we're not all like him.

I hope you're cognizant of the weirdness of accusing feminists of "hysteria."

Hey it's labeled as a hysteria in the country where I am, here the feminists doesn't want equal rights, more than vice versa. Some of these political figure heads also posed stabbing naked doll men to death and posting on twitter. Now that's hysteria!