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Will they have TWO Million Troops this time?

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Used to Follow Totilo, Klepek and Tracey John in MTV Multiplayer Blog for a long long time. All have gone to other places, and luckily, its to places where I already visit, well other than Tracey, she writes for MANY PLACES :P
But Yeah, would definitely like a news roundup podcast. I've been getting almost no time to read my RSS feeds now a days, and none of the 5podcasts that I hear cover news as much as I would want. I always feel like I'm missing something. (And find out when I eventually check feeds at a later date)

News podcast please, I know video sounds good, but daily video was tried way-back-when in you-know-where by JeffG and others and it was just too much work both for the makers and for viewers. Something like a nice and funny 30m length daily podcast or a bombcast length news roundup per week would be really really good.

Looking forward to new audio feeds! I commute a lot, 1h daily and things like these are way more useful than textual feeds.

Congrats and All the best :D

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With 3DS supposedly having low battery life. I wonder how good PSP2 will be. I mean... it can't be THAT bad... no?

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There have been many games over the past 10years that Jeff and Friends have made me play. But the thing that always strikes me first is the Rhythm Tengoku. It was, I believe, after a TGS where Jeff first saw it... He showed the game on "On the Spot" and I fell in love with the game immediately. That and then OSU! Tatakae Ouendan. Two of my most played and best liked games in recent times. I've spent many 100s of hours on Ouendan that I even made perfect run videos on youtube which got me 1000s of views (Mostly for Rhythm Tengoku Gold though :P )
< plug videos>

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 Am a huge kirby fan... This reminded me of the Crayon Kirby game from SNES. But the gameplay is nothing like that, its nothing like the old kirbys. The pace is also very slow. 
I wonder why the main character is still kirby, I mean, the game could have worked well with "a new round character from creator of Kirby" 
But yeah, going to definitely get the game. I'm already sold :P

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@armaan8014: Thats great to know :D  Enjoy ER :D  
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Co-Op buddy as the SAME character is awesome, makes me feel like I am back in the past. No worries about the story element either :P Its not like every game will have a "multi-ethnic group of heroes" in their games. 

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This video is really old... it has been in my HDD since oh so many years. Definitely my Fav Halo video too.

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THe music from NES RushNAttack is one of the most memorable VGMs I've ever heard (Had it as a ringtone for a very long time too :P )  I was expecting that the trailer would have a remix of it, or atleast a small sample from the original, but there was none :(  Oh well... I hope the music is just as good and does the character die the same way? Knee down and shouting in pain?

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This is really good! Will definitely buy this game now. Its cheaper too! :D 10 New characters!