Conquered Games 2009

I started 2009, disappointed with 2008, thinking that I should complete MORE GAMES THIS YEAR. I put a target that I should complete atleast 1 game every month. It was going fine till the first three months, but afterwards. It felt like I was not playing games at all. I just played game whenever I got the time, Marathon'ed whenever I got holidays and tweeted about them when I completed them. 
By the end of the Year, I had this feeling that I didn't play ANYTHING at all. I decided It was time for me to update my list (which I was actively updating till the THIRD entry :P ) and by the time I finished the list (i.e right now) I now feel quite satisfied with what I did :D Not only did I achieve my target of 1 game a month. But actually had many memorable events this year. 
Rhythm Tengoku being the period when I would just sit with my DS and play play. I thought such a moment would never come back after I drained all the Juice out of Ouendan 2 a few years ago. I was so into the game that I even made videos of it and more than 200k people have seen it! 
Other than that, The BIGGEST thing that happened this year was #IGGBASH, where 6 friends from all different states of India Gathered at the Center of India (Nagpur) were our friend Gagan hosted a 3 day party for us. We all just sat and played lie crazy for 3 days, played on ALLLLL platforms of this gen and 4 players on everything possible. It was just too good and unforgettable. Thanks a lot to Gagan for hosting and others for being there :)
Now lets have a look at all the games that I played this Year and what I thought of them. 2, 6, 7, 10 feel like the odds one out, however, didnt feel any were waste of my time. I've written and linked to appropriate stuff in the First line of every game!
Enjoy :D

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Posted by viveckvivu

 Some nice list that is!! Oh, I missed IGG bash this year, you guys had some great tim there, huh? :D 
From the big list, I just want to play one game now and that is.... UNCHARTED!!!!

Posted by viveckvivu

  You mentioned those indie games right? Heard of the game Desi Adda? :P

Posted by Reetesh
@viveckvivu: Yeah, it was a rated M for Mature event :P hope we can have a E for Everyone even soon xD
Indie games bole to, not Indian :P Its small group of people making games, not attached to big publishers like EA and others. The Desi Adda thing was funded by Sony. Didnt play it, but heard a talk about it at the NASSCOM Games convention that I attended recently. They worked very hard to make that Hanuman and Desi Adda game :P
Hope you get to try out Uncharted soon!
Posted by viveckvivu

Rated M eh?? Uh...even PG-13 is good next time :P 
Didn't know that Desi Adda was funded by Sony, I thought some gaming company made it.  That's not Indie?? I 
Uncharted....well, I like all these lost artifact, adventure type of stories :P

Posted by Reetesh
@viveckvivu: Well, seeing that you are 18 now, everything is OK, haha. Strictly speaking though, we felt it would be difficult for your parents to send their son these many states away. Its ok as long as its ok with mummy papa :)
Yeah Desi adda and hanuman, both were funded by Sony(publisher), but they were developed by a indian company. A company in Hyderabad itself. Its almost like how Uncharted was made by naughty dog, but ofcourse, the financial and other stuff was mostly handled by Sony in this case.
All Indiana Jones and Monkey Island games should appeal to you then.. but yeah, those are point and Click adventure games :P
Posted by shiben

Hey reetesh,
haha, u did not play drake's till this year? :) well good that u played it b4 uncharted2, no connection in story but characters etc. hav prevailed.
true about size matters, I quit that game in the middle, it was very bad. I was not able to manage to kill the horde of monsters. And very true, the sirf board levels were so bad!
I hav only played the demo of crack in time. And i believe it shud b awesome! I hav played Tools of dest.. and quest for booty... both were entertaining game. But then i got too occupied with other blockbuster releases and now I hav lost enthu for it. May b i will get it this year :)
And btw! thanks for introducing lists to me! :D :D :D i always wanted something like this :D
giant bomb ftw!

Posted by Reetesh
@shiben: Yeah, the lists feature is just too good! Just start making one and you will notice how EASY it is! Change your avatar and get started :P