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Does anyone know/think this game will be coming to PC / Steam? I REAAAAALLY hope so cos I love the look of this game!

PC is mentioned in this quick article on Gamespot:

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Wait... linux based... doesn't that mean all games now have to support linux to work with Steam OS??

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Thank you so much for the video embed erhard! Does anyone know if this the same video that was posted on giantbomb for a split second a few days ago?

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I feel like it will always feel like this all happened yesterday, and thats a testament to how important Ryan Davis is to me and just anyone who's had any kind of connection with him. I feel so mixed when I watch older quick looks and hear his awesomeness, its a feeling of great loss and sadness for him and his family / friends, and a feeling of great pride and satisfaction in how much he shared himself with the world.

When I watch / listen to any of the new stuff on Giantbomb, I'm so extremely proud of the whole team for just pushing through and continuing the vision and legacy of Ryan Davis while staying true to themselves. The Giantbomb team, we all appreciate how honest, entertaining and uplifting you continue to be. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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Sim Dog

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Do I lose all the games I have bought from PSN on PS3?? or can I carry them over? lol doubt it's possible!!

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Damn!! Really liked this feature! Future looks pretty grim for it, but if there's any way we can help I'd be glad to be a part of it haha.

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First off, love the new site, so many awesome updates. I'm really into it and thank you Giantbomb team for being so fucking awesome!

Does anyone know if there is a future for the Achievement Sync that was on the old site?

I'm talking about the part of the site that syncs with Steam / Xbox Live / PSN achievements, it was very smart and fun to look at. Had a cool community vibe to it! Better than anything Steam / PSN / Xbox does with achievements.

Thanks anyone who knows!