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I refuse to not be the top editor of the Albert Wesker page.

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RE5 = RE0 + RE4 + Africa + Steroids

So....we've finally had a chance to see Biohazard 5 in action. Pretty sweet. From a first glance it's really just RE4's gameplay with RE0's co op design.

I was immediately surprised to see that Sheva was an actual partner that would help you out in combat and puzzle solving as opposed to someone like the late Luis Sera. I wonder now if you, the player, is actually given as much control over her as you did your partner in RE0. For those who haven't played zero, or are unfamiliar with it. You started as a chick by the name of Rebecca Chambers who mets up with an escaped convict named Billy Coen. You could switch between the two on the fly and could control the actions of the opposite character by using the gc controller c -stick.

As far as I can tell, you can only play as Chris and can only control Sheva by giving simply commands and by requesting weapons and items from her.

I have two big concerns though:
A) Sheva's intelligence. I noticed that she actually saves Chris after being grabbed and she listens to commands well.  However, and I do realize the game is still a long ways off, she seemed to walk straight into some enemies. She even seemed to stand right next to that hammer executioner guy without moving a muscle. Hopefully this all works well.

B) Being with a partner reduces the thrills. This was an issue I had with RE0. I did love the game, but I thought consistently being with a partner reduced the impact of some of the scares. Though it did make the parts where you were forced to be alone a little more tense. Oh, but who am I kidding. Resident Evil sadly (and I'm saying that from a long time fans point of view)  isn't the same anymore. RE4 couldn't scare a small child, and I doubt RE5 could do it either, even without a buddy with you at all times.

Oh, I totally forgot about the online co op for a second there. I can't wait for it, actually. Hopefully it will be as fun as intense as the two players co op Geow had. I'm sure I'll still have a fair amount of fun with it. I just hope they through it some alternate game modes, like a survival mode in which a few players try to see how long they can survive in a boarded up house. Kinda like that part with Luis and Ashley in RE4.

March 13th really can't come soon enough