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@andrew2696: I feel the same way. To be honest I don't really say too much about what I think about the site's general direction, because I don't want to misstep and end up in-league with the same people who hate Dan/Alex/hated Patrick. I still have a deep love for the site, and no matter what, I think it will always skew towards greatness.

I can't fucking believe Ryan is dead. I miss him so much.

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I don't necessarily think these super-vague megathreads are bad, but I don't feel like this board is in excellent health. Maybe can we not do these so much? Do they foster discussion? If I'm wrong, let me know, because to me they go on for so many posts over so long, I just think they aren't worth their space.

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@t_wester: Yeah this is gross. Steam has long since left it's sweet spot of being a haven for cool new games and for a while has been a dumping ground for clones and mobile ports that obscures great shit that could be coming out on the service. Steam got weird.

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I'm kind of put off by the hosting style of Brad. He plans things, I like things to be completely casual.

Yeah, whenever things start to get funny Brad shuts it down and makes everyone get back on topic. You can always feel a good bit brewing and then Brad just interjects and shuts it down.

I feel like you guys are right and wrong. Often the best parts of the Bombcast are when it goes way off the fucking rails, but when Brad steers it back into video games, that's fine. I don't know how to say this without it coming off negatively, but Ryan was Jeff's equal in a lot of ways. They had very similar tastes and perfectly complimentary comedic sensibilities and abilities. Dan, Brad, Drew, Jason, Rorie, etc--they are all great for the Bombcast, but they can't build a bit with Jeff like Ryan could. It just isn't their role.

I love Giant Bomb and the crew as they exist currently, but it is a different site post-Ryan. Not a bad site, or even a worse site, but just a different one. Ryan really brought the motherfucking cacophony. Like back when they used to do drink taste-tests, Jeff might say "ahh, goddammit--this is poison" or Brad would choke and say something tasted terrible, but Ryan would warble over the mic "OOOOOHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" like he would all the time. Dude had mad energy, was super charismatic, and was super funny.

Giant Bomb will never again have a Ryan Davis, and that is terrible. I loved Ryan. I love Ryan. I hope that someday, though, Giant Bomb will have someone who can get near his levels of energy and hilariousness. Vinny and Alex are in New York doing their thing and that's great. I love Vinny and Alex! But Vinny was another really funny guy on the Bombcast, and hemorrhaging Ryan and Vinny from the podcast really changed the show. Brad and Drew are more or less straight men, and Dan is mostly good at being combative, and good at being Dan. In a weird way, he is his own straight man.

Again not a slight on the show because the show(s) are great, but it used to be a little more team-oriented. Jeff/Ryan, Brad/Drew, with Vinny sort of playing for both teams. Bits would bounce around the room. Now, with four personalities that are so markedly different, I don't feel like the show is very dynamic. It might even be a better video games podcast now, but it's less of the Giant Bombcast, even if it's still excellent.

Somebody get Jeff to bring some weird keyboards and circuit bent shit in the podcast room again. Spice that bitch up!

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Kojima has gone to great lengths before to hide huge things, and while it's wrong to expect anything knowing Kojima's body of work, I think something big might be up under the sleeves of Phantom Pain. For all the stuff we've seen of PP, we sort of haven't...seen,..anything of it? I think a lot of that game is under the rug right now.

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If you don't come to Star Wars as a kid and can't appreciate it's historical value, then yeah, I guess I could see thinking it's just bad? It's really hard for me to divorce my love for Star Wars from my childhood, but boy do I like a lot of stuff about Episode IV. I know that Empire is supposed to be the better film or whatever, but I dunno, A New Hope is a way better movie than Empire is a film.

Stripped out of all it's grand context, they're really weird, neat movies. Since Star Wars we've seen a lot of things like it; media that is essentially a Frankenstein made up from other weird things. Tarantino has made a career of off that sort of thing. Spielberg did it too when he made the Indiana Jones movies, making a massive sendup of adventure serials and pulp. Even more recent stuff like Afro Samurai mixes hip hop with kung fu and robots, etc. Star Wars is a super fucking weird science fiction fantasy film that borrows heavily from Kurosawa, westerns, and war movies, all set pretty strictly to the twelve (or so?) bullet points of Campbell's monomyth.

It's a oddball pet project that managed to capture the whole world, and still is a pop culture behemoth nearly 40 years after the release of the original film.

The opinion that V is the best and that I-III are burning garbage is kind of insane. IV and V are good movies (I'm way partial to V), VI is probably as good as III, which is a little bit better than II, which is a little bit better than I.

I would advise you check out Harmy's despecialized editions, which made me really, really really appreciate the original trilogy in a way I hadn't before. If nothing else, just check out this sort YouTube video where he talks about the restoration, it is very neat.

I hope I don't sound like some wild defender of Star Wars, I'm actually a lot more partial to Indiana Jones. I sure like Star Wars a bunch though.

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To be honest, I'm actually fairly interested in this series, as someone who doesn't think much of really any game in the series. I had fun with nearly every AC game in their respective release windows, but those games age like hell. I feel like it's a franchise that I keep waiting to come to fruition.

Anyway I'm down for some cool stylized 2.5D AC. That sounds neat.

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I just find it funny that so many people care about if jeff likes it. Is his validation that important?

I think it's just interesting to hear him speak about playing it when he's been Souls-averse since the beginning.

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Just let him have the dumb-dumb name. If he's lucky, Sony will implement some sort of name-changing service, and if not, he'll just have to own up to it, or suck it up and start a new account. I made my PSN when I was in 7th grade; hand_banana7395, not only an ugly name that's all lowercase with numbers and an underscore, but a reference to a rapist dog that is a clone of a milkshake's (Master Shake) hand. Needless to say this past summer I dropped the account and all of my sweet, sweet trophies.

(It was fine.)

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After talking about Taxan/Naxat last week, I'd love to see someone play Eight Eyes for the NES. Oddball little Castlevania-style game with neat ideas, settings and music.