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@belegorm: Get on it! Metal Slug is one of the greatest 2D action games of all time for me. I had the collection on PSP and played it probably more than any other game on that system. Metal Slug is so fucking good.

Play some pinball, homie.

@hatking That's fantastic! Believe it or not, theirs a place a little south of me called "The Arcade". owned by this guy whose really into pinball and classic arcade games and has what I understand to be basically infinite money. Technicians are in there every day, and that guy is buying and selling machines all the time. He used to own a bar called The Shark Club where he kept a lot of his machines, but was making way more money on cards than pinball so he created The Arcade. That place has a couple corners and walls though just full of unplugged machines he's acquired, and theirs rumors of him getting a bigger place.

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Getting in on this action soon!

PSN ID-- DadShabazz

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@corevi: That's a great point, I don't know if I would've thought of that. Were FPS games just from the hip (more or less) to that point?

I wasn't born in 2007, I just played a lot of third-person stuff. The only other FPS games I really remember playing the shit out of were 007: Agent Under Fire and 007: Nightfire.

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@htr10 said:

This...this is a hell of a read. People should read this.

Thanks! I hope people are!

@cornbredx It would be tough to derail such a short thread! I was interested in hearing what you meant though, I'm glad you drew it out. Now I'm terribly nervous that I write in a pretentious, hard-to-read tone! uh-oh!

I think I tend to write this way because when I talk, I'll start talking about a), I'll get lost into b) in the middle of a), and then I'll end up in c). At some point, I remember I was at a) and on rare occasion, I tie it all back in a whirlwind of genius! But most of the time, just rambling. My fiancee thinks I'm interesting, thank fucking god.

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@bboys2231: For sure! I had all the time in the world when I first got acquainted with Metal Gear, I would find everything and think nothing of it. Watching Metal Gear Scanlon, I think the body armor is the only thing I've never gotten-that was a shocking surprise seeing that.

A really mundane "shocking" surprise, but I thought I knew all their was to know about that game in a way. Do you think that Goldeneye changed the FPS landscape more, or Call of Duty 4? Was CoD4 influential in anyways beside the way they handled the multiplayer?

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@cooljammer00: Straight to the top, baby. You can get at ZombiePie on Twitter too as well through the @GBDudersFeed account. A lot of the stuff (If not everything) that gets posted to the Community Spotlight will get a little shout-out and link and mini-synopsis tweeted out for it.

@zombiepie Thanks again for the love! Happy to get in, even though I submitted so late yesterday. This makes me so happy.

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@cornbredx: I can't say I've ever read anything by an 18th century aristocrat, but I can assure you, I am not that! What do you mean by that? Interesting!

That's super cool! I try not to sputter out that nonsense of "I wish I was alive _____ because _______" but I love the idea of an arcade as a commonplace thing on every corner. A lot of malls I remember as a kid had arcades, but they were constantly re-opening and closing.

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@rorie said:

Ten years ago I would've said Preacher, but after re-reading it recently I don't think it's aged very well.I

It tries way too hard to be edgy and it just comes off as lame these days.

True dat. I kinda want to say the same about Transmetropolitan, but I think it's because I tie Spider Jerusalem to all of the douchebaggy fans of Thompson who basically take Fear and Loathing (a great film and great novel) and reduce it to "DRUUUUUGS!!!!!!, RIGHT!? WOOOOO".

I should just shut the fuck up in this thread since I get hung up on the flaws of comics so easy, moreso than any other media.

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Maybe is totally redundant, but Watchmen is the only series I've readily returned to on more than a few occasions. I made a deep dive into comics earlier this year, and just ended up getting really let down. Even the stuff that's supposed to be great...usually isn't? Alan Moore really is a genius. Frank Miller is basically the "other guy" doing subversive stuff with capes, and his writing is so bad, and his art is super hit or miss. The Dark Knight Returns is palatable, but once you read his shitty stuff, you can really see it in between the lines of all of his "good" stuff.

I used to really enjoy The Goon, but that's because it has great art, and is sometimes fun. Nothing really meaningful. DMZ is okay but it feels very teenaged, and the art style is messy in the late 90s-early 2000s way that just annoys me to death.

Miracleman is finally being reprinted and I think a lot of people are going to find that it was only really interesting in theory. It's pretty good but just feels really second-tier to Watchmen, the same way you can see a good film like Bottle Rocket and understand how Wes Anderson would eventually go on to make great films, but in its original form it just feels a little bit fractured.

I tried to get into the Infinite Crisis stuff but that's probably a more enjoyable read on Wikipedia. It was a world-changing event (literally) but isn't all that interesting if you don't care about capes on an emotional level.

I'm extremely critical, even of things I like. I could pick apart Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it still remains my favorite movie. Comics for some reason don't work that way though. Even when they're the best of the best, comics are still often "meh".