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Rogue Legacy is One of the Kings of Indie 0

Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy, as has been said before, is like a retro Souls game. In what looks like a fairly standard pixel-art Action/RPG title holds an impressive amount of depth, complexity, easter eggs, and great gameplay.I’ve been hearing about the game since it debuted on the PC and it never really piqued my interest. As someone who has played games all their life, I have a tendency to sleep on RPG titles despite having slipped some time into Demon’s Souls. I bought...

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Neat? 0

Yup. So, I first played Rise to Honor on a demo disc and thought it was pretty neat, however never bought it. My PS3 broke last May, so I had some renewed interest in my PS2 since it was all I had because my NES, SNES, Sega, Megadrive, Famicons, Top-Loader, N64, PS1, and the rest of my shit was in storage and meh, I didnt feel the need. So I ventured a whole mile and a half to my local gamestop to paw through the cheap bins, and find something. I saw Rise to Honor, and said "Hey, oh man. I semi-...

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Red Dead Redux. 0

 Red Dead RediculousI rented this game, around the time it first came out. See that's when I was first getting into video games, if I wouldn't have been playing stuff like Red Dead that was blowing my mind I probably wouldn't be the gamer I am today, and worse yet I probably couldn't even know what the hell is. Thevfirst game I ever got with my PS2, was Max Payne so I already knew who Rockstar were, and all my friends ever did then was talk about GTA and occasionally Rockstar would...

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A Downloadable Game really impresses 0

Well I was bored on a Saturday evening and I was browsing the reviews when I saw a review for Crash Commando, a game I had previously saw advertised on the PSN, and the review peaked my interest so I downloaded it. To my surprise I found the game a amazing online experience ESPECIALLY considering this is a download and a side scroller. This game mostly revolves around its online gameplay. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and a game where you have multiple objectives. you are armed with...

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Metal......Gear??? 0

Easily the best incarnation of Snake to hit the PS2. In this game you play as Naked Snake, whom further in chronology becomes Big Boss, not Raiden, not Solid Snake, but Naked Snake. But don't worry because Solid Snake is a cloned version of Big Boss so you won't be missing anything in this amazing prequel to the incredible Metal Gear Solid franchise. Not some pre-pubescent whiny blond girly man also known as Raiden. Im sorry. But I hate Raiden.Gameplay  Like the other games in the series this is...

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Still a good game! 0

 I was messing around upstairs and I found my copy of MGS1. I decided to play it again and guess what? The game still kicks ass. Good stealth action with an amazing story and some kick-ass boss battles. If you live in a cave and haven't played this, and if you can find it, pick it up! A truly timless game. Worth anyones time....

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A Half-Ass Attempt 0

Gameplay----------------------------------------------A classic bond FPS but their is NO improvement but a very stiff broken cover mechanic and the game just looks and feels old. It doesnt play as well as any other bond game. The graphics are also piss-poor....

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 What if I told you that their was a video game in which you could literally dive inside the mind of a Schizophrenic milkman who's milk contains FIRE.  What if I told you it was funny, awesome, easy to play and AWESOME. Well I would have to be talking about Psychonauts. I am not a puss. I don't only play games that resemble Lego Star Wars. I play lots of shooting games and that's about 90% of what I play however I heard about this game and its concept and could not believe what I was hearing. I ...

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