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@AmplifiedMuffin said:
 Wait, really? Fucking awesome. Should also make the "Hold 4 fully upgraded weapons" achievement easier to get. "
I can confirm that this doesn't work now.  Tried it with 2 other completely upgraded weapons, and even though I'm holding the 2 cutters it still lists my log as 3/4, so I guess it doesn't double-count. :(
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28.) With Necromorphs, losing your head means you can spit more acid straight from your neck.

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Yeah they def. got a huge speed boost. Really the acid guys I found really frusterating at the end because they'd always hit me with the slow-moving acid shot and keep the regen guy on my tail. 
I think throughout the game the slashers were the most annoying, simply because they move so fast and are impossible to hit with the contact gun (at least for me).  Stalkers are def. a close second just because they're sort of boring to fight... all you can really do is stand in a corner and take them out as they charge. Most other enemies in the game it helps to be dynamicly moving around and shooting as you dodge attacks, but with them you really just have to play it like a turret or they'll bowl you over from unseen directions.

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I ended up going with my old standbys from dead space 1 - line gun and contact beam.  I guess I'm just boring and stick with what I'm used too :p.  I still have the 2 plasma cutters for my other 2 slots because I like having double ammo readily available, but I'll probably trade that out next.
So far I'm kinda meh on line cutter - useful, but takes a few too many shots even with it fully upgraded. Contact beam is sick though.

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I remember playing the first game this way while taking care of a friend's cats. The biggest scare I got was one of the cats jumping onto the back of my chair during a really intense part in the game. I think I almost had a heart attack.

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I am really tempted to re-get xbox live just to try it out (cancelled recently since I realized I barely ever play online games, just single player), but I have a feeling it's not going to have legs long term, since it seems like nothing but Call of Duty and Halo can manage a real community.

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19) Using a porta potty and getting new armor are very similar experiences in the future. 
20) Every organization in the universe hates engineers.
21) Being insane has its advantages.
22) Every piece of technology can be defeated by sticking your hands blindly into a pile of wires and fiddling with them in the future.

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I'd take one (xbox code) too if anyone isn't using theres. My brother loves the unique armors :p

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man I can't even imagine what this will be, and yet I still want it so bad.

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I love rifftrax. Sadly I also don't have a netflix account :(

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