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Pretty certain some of the Quake titles let you choose which side of the screen the gun appears on.

I'd also like to say that the side you hold a gun on doesn't necessarily imply handedness. I'm right handed, but shoot with my left because I am left eye dominant.

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@ike7779: @video_game_king: The timeline for the Monogatari Series goes like this

Monogatari 1st season: Kizumonogatari (not animated) -> Nekomonogatari: Black -> Bakemonogatari -> Nisemonogatari

Monogatari 2nd season: Nekomonogatari: White -> Kabukimonogatari -> Onimonogatari -> Otorimonogatari -> Koimonogatari -> Hanamonogatari

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Is there a date on Hanamonogatari yet?

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I'm pretty certain Monogatari Series: Second Season doesn't take place before Nisemonogatari, apart from the second arc of course. It's also less creepy and so much better than Nise, so I definitely recommend watching the rest.

Solid top 10 though. Hope even more people vote in the 2014 poll!

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I don't remember who it was who mentioned Outbreak Company, and I'm far too lazy to check, but I'm glad they did. It's been surprisingly enjoyable since ep. 1, mostly because of its' solid sense of humor.

Or maybe it's because of this. I don't know.

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So, LB! Refrain ep. 6:

Hope no one was really looking forward to seeing the end of Rin 2 being animated this season! That was so damn rushed, though the anime-only audience probably won't know any better.

Ah well, that lets them have that much more time for Refrain itself. If that pans out, it'll have been worth it.

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So Little Busters! Refrain ep. 3:

There was a ton of missing content from the VN, but I have to say that I really enjoyed the adaptation of the Kurugaya 1 route. It was probably the right choice to save it for Refrain.

That said, there's only 10 episodes left, and with both Rin 2 and Refrain to cover, I'm a bit nervous about how it'll all turn out.

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So Monogatari wrapped up its' latest arc quite nicely. Not at all the ending I was expecting, but it was really entertaining in an ugly sort of way.

Oh, that was the ending of the season? I thought Nadeko she was just messing around with the whole trailer thing. I found the arc to be really refreshing with every character essentially shitting all over her. Where did all the hate come from?

It looked like it was the ending of Nadeko's story at least. I'd bet there's another recap episode next week.

It's kind of a shame too. Watching all of the events unfold from Nadeko's flawed point of view was a ton of fun.

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So Monogatari wrapped up its' latest arc quite nicely. Not at all the ending I was expecting, but it was really entertaining in an ugly sort of way.

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So the first episode of Little Busters! ~Refrain~ wasn't really surprising, except maybe the approach they're taking with the Kurugaya route. Like the first season, some parts were done pretty well, and others came off as being a bit awkward. Of course, being the optimist I am, I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

It was also great watching the latest Monogatari right afterwards too. The two shows definitely took care of my character snapping and door abuse needs for a while.

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The world only god knows continues to be the second best series this season after AOT. Deserves more than 12 episodes me thinks. :(

High-school DxD has broken the harem. Now it's broken to me too. lol

The World God Only Knows is better than it deserves to be. I didn't know what to think when I read the premise and watched the first few episodes a few months back. I marathoned the thing until I was caught up with this season (why did they skip conquests that clearly happened and impact the current story?) and now it's all drama mixed in with demons and goddesses.

I've really enjoyed this third season of TWGOK, but it's crazy just how much they've skipped to get to the Goddesses Arc. They probably should've at least done a OAV or two to cover Yui and Tsukiyo's arcs like they did for Tenri, but maybe that wasn't financially an option.