Inclination Lost

Something has overtaken me in the past year. I once was obsessed with games and now I am obsessed with talking about them. I guess I am finally reaching that point of adulthood where it is difficult to get excited about actually playing games anymore. I don't neccesarily think it is because the quality of gaming has declined, even if there is a lot to be worried about there. I think I am actually more worried that it is a simple, regrettable fact of aging. The memories of the good times remain so I can speak with great enthusiasm about the games I love, but the aging( keep in mind I am a very young 22 year old) has rendered games as a passive experience. I hate this.

I will continue to lie to myself though and hope to be proved wrong. That very thing may be happening right now, just the other day I was listening to a designer of Little Big Planet on a 1up podcast and a lovely feeling of excitement greeted me.  Their embrace of community contribution elements to their game seem like a fantastic step up from current mainstream game innovations (reminded me of what I personally see as Giant Bomb's instantaneous success) . Of course I must mention that indie games continue to thrive, they are just not my forte .Guess I have to get a PS3 then.

I wish I wanted to go into my living room and play Bad Company but I don't. I wish E3 was exciting this year, but it wasn't. To me, innovation is more important in video games than any other entertainment media. A comfort is achieved in film and literature by reusing great plot devices in a covertly new light. Games just have too bizarre and scattershot a history to achieve this. We don't just need new ideas, we need drastic change. I hope to be a part of that someday, but if I'm not seriously get off your fucking asses pubs and devs!