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Well, I sold my kinect today.  Nuads, rise of nightmares and many other things lead to the decision. This is the icing on the cake.

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The OST to Revenge of Shinobi is possibly one of my favourite game soundtracks. He really knew how to rock those FM Synth jams.

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Fair enough, but your silence speaks volumes. :)  I mean it's pretty obvious. Oh well can't take it back now!

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So I thought I was safe, most podcasts I've listened to over the past couple months (including the bomb) have been pretty schtum and had warnings about spoilers so I knew to cover my ears and go "lalalalalala" but they just implied twice in this cast that Solid Snake dies. Is this true, that kinda sucks, I mean I had my guesses and all but I didn't wanna flat out hear it without playing the game. I mean I usually don't give a shit about game stories but Metal Gear has always kinda been about the story. Just another reason for me not to get that PS3 I guess. :(

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Have to agree with most and say as I'm a primarily console gamer, Call of Duty 4 got me into online like no other game. I gave it a good six months before I couldn't take anymore and got to a respectable top 150,000 rank on the leaderboards before calling it quits. I was really down on Wargames but this brought me back. Hope to see another 360 online game hook me like that in the future

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lightning bolt, ok computer by radiohead, some more ludicrous speed metal stuff, death from above 1979. I guess the problem with dfa and the bolt is they are 2 person bands but there must be some way to get around it!

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22 and to give an idea of my maturity, one of my favourite movies is weekend at bernies.

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This is like trying to find the least noxious clump of fecal matter in a sewer but I can't help but claw my eyes out when any sort of medium or psychic is on tv, seriously I would endorse capital punishment for these people. Fox News is just too hilarious to hate, but if I think about people who actually believe in it's message, my blood boils a little.

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Holy shit NoExtraLife, wish I had stuck through Mass Effect for that, hilarious. Must add I in no way condone violence against women (shamefully stifles snigger)

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