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Portal 2: Wheatley, you're making me feel uncomfortable 0

Arriving 4 years after the breakout success of Valve's Portal, Portal 2 is a fine piece of digital storytelling that is without a doubt one of the best games of the year. You play as Chell, a woman being experimented on like a lab rat by a sociopathic artificial intelligence called Glados. You are given a truly astonishing piece of technology called a portal gun which can make an entrance and exit on any compatible surface letting you link almost any two bits of geography to each other, creating...

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Dark Souls: Less is more 0

Dark Souls by Japanese developer From Software is a idiosyncratic journey into frustration which offers grand sights, engaging combat and enviable bragging rights to those who choose to brave it. After an avatar creation screen and an incredibly measly tutorial, the player is shoved into a world without any concrete idea of where to go or what to do. This, for all of us who have been following a low dangling carrot in 90% of the most popular games today, is exploration. The world is a gigantic m...

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My first experience of ridiculous hair 0

I think that youths in the west who played games in the 80's and 90's developed an affinity and appreciation of Japanese idioms and culture in a significantly different way than filmgoers and avid  readers might have at that time.  Goemon is a good example of this.  This game is an unashamed celebration of Japanese culture with few compromises. In a way it feels like a crude Miyazaki film, that falls far on the disney side story wise, but brings excellent caricatures of myths and tall tales from...

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