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Hey hey,

Congratulations on your project, I'm in the midst of the early stages of a Horror game myself, it doesn't require any sprites but here is one of the resources I used when dipping my toes into those waters. Nothing on the software you're using but useful none the less.

2Dwillneverdie There are tutorials and general guides under the "PRO TIPS" section. There are some pretty worthwhile pointers and overall info here as well.

Good luck!

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I am so into this.

Fuck. Yes.

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I am over the fucking moon that Yerli has been himself in this interview. I got the impression a long time ago during the development of Crysis 1 that this dude was out of touch and not fit for his position. I only wish it hadn't taken so long and cost so many so much for it to become this clear.

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A trio of girls as the main characters.


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Not gonna lie, I've forgotten RYSE existed like. . . three times since I played it.

And I had NO idea there was ever any DLC.

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There is a shitload of great impromptu content on there as well, like Jeff playing those commodore games. the easiest and most complete solution in the interim is for the crew to determine whose accounts have content archived and upgrade them to premium pronto, then we can organise the curation effort and catalogue all that stuff.

I expect @rorie probably already thought of this,