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I had fully intended to answer this poll relevantly and then noticed the one true response; "Tralse".

Chat's success relies on the community I reckon. Twitch people in every streamed video? No thanks. You guys? Every time.

So sure, why not?

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I'm crazy for even suggesting it, but a live action TV series of Berserk.

HBO is one of the few places that could get away with showing all that graphic violence and sex.

Hmmmm. Ten posts, enters a thread pitching a live action Berserk adaptation. . . Did I pass out last night and make a new account?

You read my fucking mind. Literally my first thought when I was re-watching some more Berserk recently. It could be perfect. The art and tone is down to earth (enough) to adapt to live action in a way that a bunch of other fantasy would find far more difficult. With a good team the only trouble would be finding the right fit for Guts.

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I am actually replaying Dragon's Dogma right now precisely because I've just finished Dark Souls 2. I was so crushed that by New Game + I still didn't need anything better than the gear I played damn near 90% of the game with. It was just a bummer, there are beautiful armor sets in that game that I have no incentive to use. Also what the hell Dark Souls 2, why is the selection of straight swords so poor?

Whatever man, Dragon's Dogma is fucking amazing, I got Dark Arisen on PS+ so I have that now as well, I've been working towards finishing the Vanilla game first before loading it up. Would that be considered folly? Bitterblack Isle sounds pretty phenomenal.

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@hailinel: Oh my god, I'm an idiot. Thank you for clearing that up. My eyes see that and my brain says "Hizzy"

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Wait, how the hell do you pronounce that?

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I thought this would look way worse than it does.

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I'm so fucking glad I waited to play Left Behind.

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Has someone told you to hang out with her yet? Yes? Good.

They're right. Hang out with her.

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That Company of Champions damage debuff must be ROUGH! The only thing I could do as Sword and Shield Melee with low burst damage was trade hits, one hit on watcher, one hit on Defender, and go back and forth keeping them at the same HP as much as possible. Satisfying as HELL to deal the kill strike on one than the other back to back. I loved that fight.

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Absoloutely. Ruin Sentinels, Throne Defender and Watcher, Royal Rat Authority and The Ancient Dragon were some of my most satisfying video game encounters for a long while. More so than any of the bosses from Dark Souls. There has been a lot of talk about the multiple/horde bosses in DSII. Personally I reckon the direction they went for II was oone of the only ways to keep it a little fresh for vets of Demon's and Dark.