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Nice work duder! Your voice comes through in the news, I could tell right away it was a new hand, sensibilities seem like a great fit. Keep rockin'.

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Reisz is like an angsty, germanic, made up way to spell my actual name? It's way more metal than Rhys anyway. I drew it in a sketchbook once, I'm over it, but the sentiment lives on in this place.

The Rat is the Richter mask from Hotline Miami, that Motherfucker starts with a god damned silenced UZI, which is the most 80's action movie gun there is. I thought about changing it but then when Dark Souls II came out I got deep into the Rat King. So I decided to stick with it.

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Pack it up boys, he's still got it.

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At Capacity!? ALAS!

I totally live in the Bay area too! Can I bribe my way in? I'll design some stuff, I can design stuff! I personally blame work for preventing me from finishing the podcast until now.

Ahhh well, If y'all decide to meet up after the after party I'll come hang for sure.

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Entertainment is as much what we bring to it as it is a product of the creators behind it. If you don't believe something has value it will be infinitely harder to see value in it.

Let go of your baggage, find something that sounds interesting to you, sit down and watch it. Try not to bring anything to it, there is no such thing as a person who doesn't like movies. Just people who haven't seen a movie that reaches them. or they haven't allowed themselves to be reached.

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That's fucked up. Everything I understand about this version suggests it did all the right things to be what the fans wanted. Damn shame.

Full disclosure though. It never appealed to me.

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It's no secret that Steam has broadened its scope in the last few years. It kind of feels like there are a hundred new games every month at this point. The rate at which ports from less robust platforms and incomplete early access experiences are coming in the door I feel like it's completely got away from me in the last few months.

The icing on the cake was the personalised storefront update from a while back. I rarely used Steam as an education platform for what's new and exciting but any merit it previously had in that department flew out the window with that update. Customizing down to exclusively show "Popular New Releases" and "Games" It's still a shitshow of pseudo-erotic visual novels, mobile ports, free to play titles and the most homogenous AAA new releases you can think of.

I'd love to know what sort of metrics they're using to gauge taste and greatly look forward to the any likely improvements such as adding curators or fully hiding tags from your store page.

Are you guys seeing the same stuff? It feels like a huge step back but I guess that comes with the territory right? When you start trying to please everyone eventually no one is totally happy.

Grumble grumble.

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Anything deeper than six hours and I'd get my moneys worth. Can't wait to Give it a go.

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@nags: As a day one adopter of the Xbox One i fully support your decision.

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Oh man, first order of business if you want to make a splash with enthusiasts? Re-launch Star Wars Galaxies as Star Wars Legacy of the Empire (Or something) Completely stock pre-NGE servers, $3-5 a month for a subscription, no up-front cost and just bathe in all that good will.