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@corevi said:

If they were to make a Red Dead game set in the mid 90s that would be perfect.

Instead of a horse you have an import motorcycle.

First thing that came to mind.

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Suikoden all day long.

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@boxxybae said:

Shoot em Up! So great. Lives up to its name

Praise be.

I'd drop in Hard Target as another under-appreciated Action classic:

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World of Warcraft

Most of the people who love it also hate it and the people who really hate it loved it once.

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I'd sell you mine if my daughter didn't like using kinect to watch Netflix so much.

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God damn it,

Why don't Jeff and Kevin have a weekly like 30-45 minute podcast talking about the industry, I fucking love every second that they're on screen/mic together, guest star? Greg Kasavin


Probably just Early GS nostalgia but still.

Great content,

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I was WAY into the Conjuring, much better than I expected. Your notes alone for Annabelle saved me from what I can tell would have been a disappointing ticket purchase, thanks buddy.

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Blargh bullshit, more content that a subset of people who bought the game can't access. Woohoo. I can't believe they don't scale any of this stuff, such a bummer.

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13. Access all the benefits of The Tower from a menu - I actually love going to the last city, but having to travel back there after every engram, for every bounty and to get anything other than shooting done is just a bummer, it contracts the universe and diminishes the sense of scale and importance they tried so hard to build. Alternatively; make the same benefits available inside your ship as well, Mass Effect style. They could even tie things like storage space and vault access to different ships.

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My heart goes out to you and yours Jeff. Thanks for everything you do and have done for us and the games community as a whole.

Take care.