Video Entertainment Titles of the Year Two Thousand and Twelve

As a newly minted Giantbomb user I figured I should dive into the community by voting for the users Game of the Year for 2012, a simple exercise I thought, as not only had I not played many games this year but the ones I did focus on were all right up my alley. Piece of cake right? yeah that's what I thought too.

WARNING: I am long winded, that is in full effect here, proceed at your own risk.

The following is a reflection of My 2012 games of the year, the way I experienced these games is a bit of a filter to how stuff can even make it on this list, Bad Taste? Good Timing? Low Expectations? Luck? all of these are reflected in my picks for this year. For instance the simple fact that I never experienced the game save bug in The Walking Dead is the reason it can even be on this list, I'm truly saddened that not everyone has the opportunity to experience that game untarnished.

Sure there are twelve games in my top ten, those last two would've had a higher spot in any other year I'm sure of it, but I enjoyed them both way too much to forgo an opportunity to mention them here.

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Posted by FakeKisser

Very interesting list! I always love learning about games via these lists, i.e. what draws people to certain games. I'm going to check out Ghost Recon Online (though I'm not a big MP player), just to experience it a bit. :)