The ones that got away.

Like so many others, this is a backlog list, a place where I can enumerate the games I own that I have not yet played to completion. Or in the case of games like The Polynomial or The Universe Sandbox, games for which I have not yet had a complete experience (when I feel I have experienced everything enjoyable that title has to offer).

It's painfully vast, mainly due to a rather egregious 2010-2011 where I tried to buy everything I wanted to play, despite not nearly having enough time put aside to play them. A good number of these titles are (from what I have played) absolutely excellent and it's criminal that I haven't soaked in all the sweet sweet enjoyment they have to offer.

For 2013 I've made the decision not to buy any games at all until I have nothing new left to play (yeah I know, like an Ice cold beer in Hell) this is an effort to kind of reset my purchasing habits, at the very least my wife will have a bunch more stuff to choose from when m birthday comes round in November.

Onto the list.

(this is an ongoing process my backlog is currently huge and it will take a few weeks to get this puppy accurate)

List items

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