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PSN on PS3 seems to be working ok BUT FUCK THAT MESS I got two new games on my PS4! God dammit what the actual fuck Sony!?

I can understand 1 day on xmas day, boxing day is pushing it but to then STILL have a third day when its Sony needs to get their shit together cause its blunders like this that make the xbox seem all that more enticing.

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I laughed on the inside

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Well I don't give a shit if no one else will but I will be voting with my wallet and staying well away from this title until there is a GOTY bundle type deal. I'm getting so sick and tired of all this DLC BULLSHIT!

Its a real shame as well because I was legitimately excited for this game until this news broke.

Thanks Obama!

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Just finished the DLC and gotta say I really enjoyed it. Story wise there is just something about the Bioshock universe that really resonates with me on a weird level. Ken's ability to weave this bizarrely loveable twisted worlds is pretty great. My head hurt about just the same way it did after finishing Infinite so good job!? I guess!?

If I opened a tear to the moment before I bought this DLC I wouldn't change a thing. Really interested to see what Ken's new team does for future games.

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If Visceral games and Amy can find a way to make me care about story in Star Wars again I will be the first in line on the day of release.

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Remember having a lot of fun with this mod back in the day :)

anyone wanna play some? All servers are empty *sigh*

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This has been on the main news in the UK all today and I still can't make any sense of this. But hey if I was Mark Zuckerberg and had 2 billion burning a whole in my pocket I'd be like 'eh, fuck it I'll buy that'.

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Ive been wanting a app like this for years! Awesome work I look forward to trying it out. So gutted of the live streams I've missed that weren't archived :/

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1 - Have you heard of it?

2 - Have you played it?

3 - If yes to 2 then why/what did you think?

4 - Does this game make you question why you like videos games at all?

5 - Are the majority of mobile game users IDIOTS?

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I have been wanting to get back into L4D 1/2 for a while now :) 'Rekt_Hed'