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Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, NFS Rivals

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...they are really bumming me out.

I still have to wait 5 days for my console and game which is need for speed rivals and all these reviews of the launch games being mediocre at best are seriously making me want to end it all and have sweet release from this next gen launch nightmare.

Anyone else feeling this or what!?

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I think its funny how all the staff on the site openly say in videos 'ohhh man can't wait to get that console of my entertainment cab/ shelf' like its a massive burden.

Personally I cant wait to move my PS3 and xbox off the top of my tv stand .....and down one level as there is plenty of room for all 4 consoles to live in it lol.

I know everyone's needs are different but its funny how all this stuff reeks of first world problems. 'Ohhhhh I can only have the newest stuff in my living room or I'm not part of the current gaming society' FUCK. OFF.

I still used my PS2 and PC to play games for YEARS after the PS3 and 360 were released. Hell my PS2 is STILL hooked up to my TV lol. I had enough forsight to realise I was gonna need a TV with a shit load of ports so I don't have to worry about boxing stuff up. Think I went off on a bit of tangent here but fuck it. Anyways what I'm trying to say is no one should be in a rush to box up your old consoles. ENJOY ALL OF YOUR GAMES DUDERS!

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I just watched a review on GT and was shocked to see the gameplay. Firstly its not a full FMV game looks SOOOO BAD!

Should Twisted Pixel just give up making a typical 'game' and make a FMV game cause everything since Splosion man has made me feel sad for those guys.

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@ttocs said:

It's a great racing game that does something unique - implements multiplayer and single-player together in a seamless fashion. The tutorials are lacking and you'll spend some time trying to figure out what to do but once you get the hang of it it's smooth sailing.

The graphics are amazing on the PS4 as well. It's one of the better looking launch titles if you are getting it for that console. I'm sure the Xbox One will be just as good looking as well.

Good to know duder. I played the shit out of Hot Pursuit but Most Wanted didnt grab me so am hoping this will keep me going for a good while.

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I got 11 days to cancel my pre order. What do people think of this game?

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@dbrim said:

Excited for another Criterion-ish racer. I really enjoyed Hot Pursuit (I enjoyed Most Wanted more, but that's fine). Hope the PC version is good.

Finally! Nice to see someone else who liked Most Wanted more than Hot Pursuit. My friends think I'm crazy.

Your friends are right you are crazy. I couldn't stomach Most Wanted AT ALL! Either way I'm relieved after the revelation that killzone aint all its cracked up to be that I have a decent game to play at launch other than just resogun.

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All consumer goods have 1 years manufacturers guarantee! If shit is fucked up and it ain't your fault its fucked up SEND IT BACK TO THE SUPPLIER/ RETAILER. For either replacement, refund or store credit. These are your basic consumer rights duders.

You should have a year from now where you don't have to stress because if a product is made poorly by the company you shouldn't have to foot the bill for a replacement. If you don't have extended warranty's AFTER the 15th of Novemeber 2014 and your PS4 breaks then you will have to get your wallets out again in that case.

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@acer51 said:

So now after standing by and looking like the good guys when M$ fouled up $ony comes out of the closet not a month before launch with news on limited drive space, a new tracking policy that mirrors M$, and get this all games have to be downloaded to the HDD now. Tack that on with PS+ and other then the used game thing I don't see how $ony's any better then M$ anymore. They were planning to try to screw us all the same ways M$ was they just let them take the brunt of the lash back.

It's the tracking thing that gets me the most, if they want to spy on me I want it to be considered a violation of my privacy at least.

I don't know I feel like maybe I should go PC this time, not as much BS but then I have to deal with Steam for everything....

wait .....all games have to be downloaded to the HDD? What about retail games. Do you mean mandatory installs for all disks?