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since san andreas also have minigames like poker, i really want that

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i only brought the fallout 3 dlcs

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it's only the five recent C&C games... boo

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i heard that she is still flirting with rich gallup

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Sony Press Conference Lengthly-Summary

Out of the Big Three or rather two main conferences today, I regret saying it but I liked this conference better than Microsoft, but by a margin. While Microsoft was all up with its Kinect integration and heavily-use of media apps and devices through smartphones, Sony has got some exclusive titles which showcased impressive demos by the developers and it was quite jaw-dropping to see exclusives to games that were announced already. I was however surprised that other exclusives like the upcoming Last Guardian game and some rumour of a next console unraveling at here but they primarily focused on games and a surprising lack of Move games which still applies in the conference unfortunately.

What first surprises me is where they held the conference, the fact that they have a million tv screens looks like the future and the way they add those dumb montages at the starting was the redeeming part of the presser. It also contains dubstep accompanied by the “awesome” montage and gay actors being “excited for games.” Jack Tretton first comes up to asskiss everyone of you who plays PS3 and calls them, true visionaries of the future or some shit; yeah basically sucking on everyone’s cock who owns a playstation product and how their sales’ numbers are high or something. They also had a Jason West kind of moment where Kaz Hirai gets applauded but stands up and waves awkwardly while wanting to say “RIDDGGE RACER” or something – at first I thought he comes up and does his whole speer about Playstation Network but was surprised that he did not come up to the stage.

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Anyways, the first exclusive game that is featured as a “premier” which was kind of leaked beforehand was Beyond Two Souls, a new game from “VISIONARY” Quantic Dream’s own David Cage, that features a brand new IP and storyline but retains the graphical detail of creepy-looking faces. I was quite horrified when they show a design of face in the early stages while Cage was talking before the unveil of the game. Cage unveils the protagonist whose actress is a “important element actress” – Juno-star Ellen Page or Academy-Award Winner from a French broke. The trailer shown looks like a CG trailer and it shows a sheriff “trying to help” a creepy-deformed looking, bald Ellen Page who is a mute throughout the dialogue with her and the sheriff. Cage emphasize that the game is really goes into death or the afterlife and this runs on a real-time engine. I must emphasis how creepy the expressions and face look because having Ellen’s face scan into the game looks fucking creepy and not remotely cute at all and her torned up clothes aren’t really impressive either. What unnerves me is the fact that her character is some sort of telepath with magical powers that could easily come out of some Emo-girl punkass fanfic or what movies had done with this sort of stereotype and ESPECIALLY MASS EFFECT 2’s own Jack (presumably she’s also a orphan that inhabits magical telepathical powers and uses against people who stand in her way). She freaks out the sheriff by floating the cup and smashes into a wall and the SWAT team storms into the office, presumably because she is a threat to everyone. The amount of faces and expressions in their faces is better than Heavy Rain but still has that plastic hamster looking feeling. I was right that she also talks to a imaginary “Aiden” who presumably is her dark side and can bust up cars and shit. Remember how Indigo Prophecy was great at the starting and its impressive storyline and atmosphere but then fucking turn it into some superman guy with magical powers? This is just like that but what if Cage makes the whole game with it or presumably what the demo represents the game so far? I find it lacking and was not impressed at all.

Background enemies could interrupt your battle

After that unveil turned trailer, Super Body Entertainment shows Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, that is demoed in the live stage with four players coming up to play as Kratos, Sweet-Tooth, Fat Princess and Sly and the demo consists of gameplay that doesn’t seem to amaze from a Super Smash Bros. rip-off from the interface to the side-view HUD and view of battle mode where the object is to hit them off-screen or bash them their health bar or percent into the red zone and then they will get KO’ed. From Brawl, they included special moves, although unlike Brawl where you have to hit some globe to perform a special move, you could build up a special move like Street Fighter 4 and do a shit ton of damage from forming up into a huge machine-gun spraying robot of Sweet-Tooth’s Level 4 to such. The background like various levels and stages from Smash Brawl could hinder why playthrough such as the first snake boss from God of War which could cause damage to the player, and so you have to avoid its attacks while trying to get rid of other players. And oh, like it was announced in last year’s e3, games such as this utilizes Vita support which you could play on the Vita while someone else could play on the PS3, the same time and game which seems to be a neat idea at the start. They also feature two new characters at the end; Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Bioshock’s Big Daddy and will be released on the holidays of this year.

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Tretton comes up again to talk about Little Big Planet being cross-sharing on both devices and can utilize both consoles, handheld or otherwise to improve the gameplay with customizing new levels and the use of dual screen gaming. He then talks about statistics like presenters often do and says that the Vita and PSN network is high up the charts and showing off metacritic scores to a list of games which is rather amusing. He talks about a number of DLC, Arcade games coming out to the Playstation Network such as Unfinished Swarm, When Vikings Attack, Metro-City and a free gift from Playstation Plus where you could get twelve free games such as Saints Row 2, infamous and LittleBigPlanet 2 and a 1 year voucher for those who attend the conference. Also he introduces that PS Classic games are finally headed to the Vita which should have been a done-deal at the beginning with Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VIII to be the first old games on the Vita. And then he talks about the movie and music portion, his whole speer about having Hulu Plus be integrated to the Vita and other video/channel providers is a bored but he did announce that Black Ops Declassified is coming to the Vita this holiday which I presume that it could be integrated to Black Ops 2 and could get some new swag and features added on either games.

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The other new Vita game introduced was Assassins Creed Liberation which features a female assassin protagonist that at first looks like that girl from the Brotherhood game but it is set in the “same” timeframe as Assassin Creed III and like Declassified, you will get added features like Connor’s hatchet and exclusive swag. Remember how Assassin Creed on the PSP sucks, well even with touch-screen and those controls, it cannot save this game from sucking. Although the game will be included in a white-gem mint Vita packaged with a 4 GB drive and will be released on the 30 of October.

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Alex and Philippe from Ubisoft again shows off Assassin Creed III as a segway and makes a impressive exclusive look at more gameplay: sea combat which I did not expect at all consisting it’s an Assassin Creed game but like what Far Cry 3 has shown, games are getting more exciting nowadays. This ship-based skirmish sets up in the Caribbean Sea where the graphics on the water, rift tides and the environment just looks plain beautiful. You play as a captain in the demo who presumably isn’t Connor by any chance because he wasn’t Indian and it has a distinct weather system that plays on further on the demo but you could control the ship and its cannons like a tank and it seems like it somewhat plays like a sea-tank but could barrage the shit out of other ships. I assume that it starts off with pirates and how the destruction of your ship pitted against other ships is a sight to see, the fact that debris breaks off and the detail just astounds me. When the attack starts ramping up, the storm brews up and rift tides come into play that probably affects the gameplay of how you steer and aim at other ships. I just love how the destruction of those cannon barrages affect on your ship and theirs. The demo ends with you and your crew boarding up a ship and doing that flying attack then vanishes into a release date of October the 30. Like the Vita game, it will also get a bundle along with the console and DLC.

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Dan Hay from Far Cry 3 shows up again to show off the new four player co-operative play which seems ludicrous to me. The gameplay ramps up with four players with more enemies and more responsibilities, this demonstration objective felt like Left 4 Dead where you try to fend off hordes of enemies while doing your objective like helping the other player set explosives on a bridge while others help fend the hordes back and heal up the wounded and such. I did not like this demo and the fact that these annoying demoers are yelling at each other, attempting to make what co-op is really like but since I was wearing headphones, it was atrocious to me. It also has free exclusive DLC.

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Some new President, Andrew seems to not help my growing pain of the previous demo, presenting a new miserable excuse to utilize the Playstation Move, Wonderbook from London Studios which everyone agrees is a waste of fucking time and seems to not be fit to the audience watching at the presser and the only applause and cheering was the fucking employees or fake crowd they hire. I mean, it does not try to educate the younger audience it pertains to do, shown on the trailer and it features so much pretentiousness of the annoying kid and how it’s actually for this type of audience. I mean, it’s marketed as a visualize book but it’s only a dumbass excuse for a Move game with its Devil Magic and creepy kids looking at tv screens. What I also do not care about is J.K Rowling being in this project as well, introducing Pottermore (*facepalm) which does all the wizardry shit from the Harry Potter minigames and makes it a whole game. I am actually still talking about this pathetic waste of time, you do spells from your book of MAGIC and could create fire and tells a great lesson to extinguish the flames from your hands like what you should do in real life. This whole demonstration, if I could call one was just a waste of time but there is often a part of any conference that is often a waste of time. It comes out on Fall and no one would give a shit out it.

Tretton comes up and talks about the Playstation Experience that could go into your mobile devices such as the Android and pulls out what presumably is a HTC phone. What’s funny is the ending before the God of War demo where Tretton says “our game studio?”” which I imagine him bashing the guy who is doing the teleprompter with his whiskey bottle.

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The new God of War Ascension game looks just like God of War, the same angry ass, raging God, Kratos ripping and torning up beasts and mythic creatures like a walk in the park but now it’s goat-men though ripping up horns off of them seems derivative to this point after seeing it in previous games. Anyways, there’s a scripted moment at the start where you rip a sword of a bald dead dude and start hacking and slashing goat-men with air combos and brutal finishes. It still never amaze me to amuse me when Kratos hacks the shit out of a monster then does a executable finish like the elephant man with a sledgehammer. One of the new weapon or power is the build gun that seems to be taken out from Red Faction where you could rebuild past destructible objects to advance further and also can be use to slow the movement of your enemies while you air hack them. There is also a new AoE attack which Kratos rams his two swords down into the ground erupting into a powerful blast that hits nearby enemies. And yeah theres a Elephant Man and it does elephant noises like no one’s busy and the way Kratos performs his execution moves is just fucking stabbing the shit out of it. It later goes into Kratos flying and jumping and running on a leviathan and it will be released on March the 13, 2013.

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After that, it proceeds another game but the fucking cameraman was having a stroke or something and doesn’t show the opening seconds of the gameplay and there are fucking cricket noises at the starting. The game is the Last of US which seems to be like a better I Am Alone game which probably less broken gameplay and it seems to be the highlight of the show. The demonstration features a bearded guy with his daughter voice by that Kanji guy and features somewhat a co-operative AI nature to it where your daughter will impact the gameplay elements and could help you on the gameplay moments that seems scripted at first but it could potentially be very dynamic on how your AI daughter behaves in situations such as distract the enemy, alerting other enemies to assisting you. The setting is some sort of broken up apartment building in a post-apocalyptic future, I think. The combat is heavily focused on the game and it also seems it has a stealth based portion but the combat is really impressive. I mean, the way they handed the hand-to hand combat seems to be realistic and does not have that snap-to-snap killing move like those Ubisoft games. The dad does not go all way to strangled the guy, he takes his time trying to him to strangled while he alerts the others, it seems like he is struggling to kill him and finally does it. The gun-play seems to be like I Am Alive, you carry a small amount of bullets (although I did not see a One in the Chamber) and when you run out of it, the AI knows the clicking sound generated from the gun and will storm in. I just love how the AI is somewhat intelligent in this game, the way that they behave and the combat system really makes it a cinematic experience. The motions that they are basing the combat moves look like they had been motion-captured and it looks like the combat system really affects you as a player while you see him strangling a enemy or struggling to break his firearm and such. You could also concoct a Molotov Cocktail from your inventory bag to torch your enemies but I found the fire effects to be lacking. This is definitively a steal for me, next to Assassin Creed III and as a world premier, exclusive like Watch Dog, I am more interested in this game.

Overall, this year’s Sony Press Conference was in fact better than the previous ones (maybe not the best presenters like Kevin Butler) but like the Ubisoft conference beforehand shows what we really care about, games and they deliver surprising ones. Although the fact that they have to have a lengthy “demo” of fucking Wonderbook is just a waste of time and space; just what the fuck were they thinking showing a Move game that isn’t really about how to read the damn book and a lame excuse for a move specific game with wizardry and demonstrators looking like they are in some sort of opium den, which seems plausible considering that the game is played by people that look high and may have smoking weed or opium.

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@Claude: *gasp* Dave and a hovering hand?! I'm disappointed Dave. SMH, as the kids say.

His hand's on the other girl's knee


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i fucking hate their new reviewer on screened

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The Killing premiers today