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no more jeff and vinny...

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I do not need to be babysat. If I want to buy a hundred games on sale and never play them, that's my choice. Enjoy your money, developers. You've earned it.

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I'm sorry if this isn't really a bug. I looked all over, and couldn't find a full list of forums, so I wasn't sure if there was a separate feature request board.

Anyway, the issue is that, on the old player, I could set a video to fullscreen on my second monitor and continue working on a primary monitor. Youtube has always allowed this, but the current player set to "Progressive" loses fullscreen when it loses focus.

Thanks, keep up the good work.

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Get Well

Get Well Soon

We wish you to get well

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if it's yellow, let it mellow

if it's brown, let it mellow

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I just bought a Wii (not WiiU)

See ya in 5 years, Nintendo!

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