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@2headedninja said:

I'm among the lucky that don't have any serious problems with the game (had one crash to desktop and some texture pop-in and micro stuttering) but it's good to see they take this seriously. It would be even better to not ship a broken game though.

@larrydavis said:

@austin_walker: thanks for the clarification, but I'm not sure that anyone who isn't a total idiot thought Iron Galaxy was solely responsible for this shitshow. It's obviously on the shoulders of WB, especially given the relative skeleton crew credited.

People think that, trust me. I've seen a lot of comments putting the blame on IG.

Some of the responses to their tweet are pretty depressing. I wonder if they know that human beings with human feelings work at companies.

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@relshak: I didn't recognise the screenshot, but a Google Image search for "maid eye patch purple hair" turned up a picture of a character that looked like her, and lead me to the answer: That's Mari from a game called Dream C Club. Apparently it's a dating sim, which might be why you weren't finding it as a rhythm game.

Oh weird, then my memory was way off!

That definitely looks right though, thanks!

(dangit, why couldn't it be a rhythm game)

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This one's been driving me crazy. I know it's a rhythm game (I wanna say 3DS) and I think Giant Bomb even quick-looked it. I don't think it's idolm@ster 1 or 2, because none of those characters seem to have eye patches.


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no more jeff and vinny...

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I do not need to be babysat. If I want to buy a hundred games on sale and never play them, that's my choice. Enjoy your money, developers. You've earned it.

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I'm sorry if this isn't really a bug. I looked all over, and couldn't find a full list of forums, so I wasn't sure if there was a separate feature request board.

Anyway, the issue is that, on the old player, I could set a video to fullscreen on my second monitor and continue working on a primary monitor. Youtube has always allowed this, but the current player set to "Progressive" loses fullscreen when it loses focus.

Thanks, keep up the good work.

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Get Well

Get Well Soon

We wish you to get well

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