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Where's Journey?

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@murisan said:

what mission is that? Or, I guess.. how far from the flamethrower mission is it?

The flamethrower mission has you burn down a weed farm while blasting Reggie dub-step.

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There are so many things right with this game, I don't even know where to start.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Relys said:

Wow, what loosers. :/

Is that what you call a woman when you want to say she's been sleeping around? Or do you go above and beyond with your spelling?

No grown man should be complaining for lack of boobies in a childs toy. Nintendo games are supposed to be about fun, not sex.

I personally prefer real boobs, and have steady access to a pair, but to each his own.

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We need a ratings system here. :/ Take a look at the photoshop contests at facepunch. They do really well with lots of content.

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Wow, what loosers. :/

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Uhhh, if you have a USB stick you can fix that bro... ;)

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Memory leaking?

Inefficient rendering?

Non-parallel saving?

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Haha, I like the Comp Sci joke.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:

Some of the segments are pretty funny overall I rate the show as "meh". It seems to be a show about geeks for people aren't really geeks.

For the most part, yes. Although they have included some good humor revolving around video games and the whiteboard equations are always accurate (They are freaking everyware if you're physics minded and look for them).