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@AgnosticJesus: Who cares if any of his family or friends never read this article? Why do you feel the need to take time to belittle others for expressing how they feel when someone dies? Why do you give a shit so much as to waste everyone's time with your bullshit comments? God forbid one of his friends or family members did happen to read some of the fucking insane comments you heartless anonymous bastards are writing up here or other places on the internet. If you don't care that he died, then fuck off and leave it be. Don't presume to tell others how they should feel though.

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@AgnosticJesus said:

@Minos: This kid is older then you and lost a lot more close people then you, maybe that's why I'm a little perplexed by outcries of sadness for a CEO, no one here knew, who wanted nothing from you but your money. Call me insensitive, call me immature, whatever. Get off your high horse and tend to your Steve Jobs Shrine you twat.

I'm sorry, but who the fuck are you to tell people how to feel about someone dying? Who gives a shit if 99% of the people that made comments never met the man? If people want to offer their condolences and how Apple (and effectively, Jobs) affected their life, let them. Better yet, why bother to read through over 300 comments just to put down others? Just fuck off and let people say their peace, it's not harming you.

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My brain literally just melted. I have no brain now and am sad. I sure hope I can listen to Alex and Rorie in the morning for BtSD....

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@LordAndrew said:
" He's not selling the beta, he's selling the full game while it's in beta. It's up to you to decide whether it is wise to pay for a game while it's still in development. "
This.  I've only played it for a week or so and I knew going in the game is just a huge sandbox.  If that's your thing great; if not, no one's forcing you to buy it.  Like others have said, you paid for the game in advance and it's still in beta.
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I certainly can't wait for DS3.  I know this would never happen, but considering there are at least 11 markers out there, it'd be great for part of the game if Isaac could pilot a gunship and blow a lot of shit up.  I know EA will probably not go for that at all since the game is pretty linear but still, it'd be interesting.

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Why is Lexine so special? What happened to Nathan, and why is Lexine suddenly married to Gabe, who she didn't seem to like at all from Extraction? How the hell did Lexine get away from the Unitologists near the end of the game? Nothing is clear, nothing makes sense, and by the end of the DLC literally nothing has changed except for the fate of one fairly minor character. There aren't even audio/text logs to flesh out the peripheral aspects of the universe. Yes, it's only $, but it's not worth it at all. Go play through DS2 again, and you'll have a significantly better experience. "

I just got through playing it and honestly, I thought it was enjoyable and unique to see someone else's perspective on what's going on in Titan Station during the outbreak.  Sure there were some things I would like to have known too but it certainly wasn't a terrible experience. 
I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure those Unitologists were killed by the infector necromorphs which is how Lexine was able to get away in the shuttle at the end.  They actually explained quite a bit.  I played through Extraction about 1.5 years ago so I don't remember the story or the characters that well.  I don't know why or how Gabe and Lexine ended up together and maybe we will get some more explanation as to why Lexine/Lexine's child is important.  I for one am very interested to know that more than one person survived escaping Titan Station.  Maybe there will be Dead Space fiction to tell more, who knows. 
I think that if you really liked Dead Space 2, you'll get your money's worth from Severed.
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I didn't see anywhere, but are there achievements for this game?

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@Malakhii said:

" I got really really bored by the end of CQ, I think I may skip it.  "

Honestly, I was pretty tired of CQ by the time I finished it but I bought the DLC anyways and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Also: 
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" Did you like Costume Quest? Would you like more Costume Quest? If you answered "yes" to both those questions, you should buy Grubbins on Ice. "

@WinterSnowblind said:
" Well, the new content is about an hour long.  
It took me about 2 - 3 hours to beat it.  The final boss took at least 30 - 45 minutes; it was really hard for some reason!    
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EDIT: rain gun?!?  That's what I get for posting so late.  I meant the rail gun/javelin gun.  Awesome! 
Just downloaded and played it.  I really like it so far; it's more Dead Space and that's a good thing in my book.  The freaky monster children really gave me the creeps.  Also, rain gun FTW!

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@benjaebe said:
" @rem25 said:
" I'm still having issues with mouse lag and low framerate.  My PC exceeds the recommended requirements and yet the game runs like shit.  I'm pretty pissed as I really want to play this but it almost isn't worth it.  I was somewhat interested in the Sam and Max games but I'm worried I'll have the same issues.  Is anyone else still having issues after the patch was installed? "
The Sam and Max games have always been pretty good about performance - it seems like this is mostly an issue with Poker Night, perhaps because they have been messing around with the engine. "
What I don't get is how can a simple poker game be so graphic intensive and not run well even though I'm exceeding the requirements?  I know not everyone is having this issue but still, it's aggravating.  Maybe I'll still give the Sam and Max games a chance though.