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I'm looking to buy a new laptop primarily as a portable gaming hub, but I'm close to clueless when it comes to laptop hardware. If was wondering if some GB members can suggest good laptops within the price range of £800-1000, thanks!

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I've never played Sleeping Dogs, but its been getting a lot of great reviews and after watching this high production live action, I'll hopefully be able to pick it up sometime in the future...when it's on the cheap.

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I'm looking to upgrade my system as I just pre-orderd Guild Wars 2 and I'd love to play it above the minimal settings.

I believe the weakest component in my machine is the CPU, shortly followed by the graphics card. I'm running an old LGA775 socket (Asus P5N-E SLI), with a Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4Ghz), along with The Zalman 9500 cooler, 4GB of Corsair ram and a Nvidia GTX 260. I was thinking of upgrading to the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4Ghz), which is can pickup unused for roughly £120. I haven't kept up with the advances in technology, but I was wondering if I should buy the Q6600, or if I could pickup a new motherboard, upgrade to either the Core i3 or i5 and have increased power over the Q6600? I have roughly a max budget of £300 to spend and any suggestions on affordable CPUs and GPUs would greatly be appreciated.

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I also study fine arts and have a keen interest in anatomy but I don't think I could be a model...I don't have the confidence. Not that it makes a difference, but I really feel for the models. The amount of sheer boredom that they have to endure can't be easy. I find it difficult having to stand and sketch them for 3hours.

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I've been watching a lot of Destination Truth lately and I find it mildly amusing. The host Josh puts on a good show and I realise a lot of the scares and jumps are played up for the entertainment factor. But I'm curious to know if any GB members have had any spooky or creepy encounters with ghost or spirits?

I have this friend and he's as normal as they come. He gets drunk, he occasionally plays video games and is womaniser...yeah know, normal. But I asked him one night after we'd been out drinking, just out of the blue, if he believed in ghosts. He completely sobered up and went on the huge rant about his family having the ability to see and contacts the spirits and he was completely serious. I was genuinely surprised...I can't actually remember a lot of what he said, although it seemed to make sense at the time, but I was drunk.

I personally don't believe in ghost, but sometimes when I'm about to go to sleep, I make sure my closet is firmly closed. I didn't close it one night and while I was waiting to drift off to slowly swung open, I thought for sure the girl from the Ring was going to walk out. It's safe to say I waited until light before decided to go to sleep. Anyways yeah, my question still stands...

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My WoW and Aion accounts have both been hacked, and it's come to Blizzards attention that I'm trying to sell my WoW account. Damn I've hit some bad luck. I better login and change my passwords for both my WoW and Aion accounts...wait a minute, I don't have a WoW or Aion account; insert Futurama Fry meme.

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Love this video! :L

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I don't buy games in-store anymore for this exact reason. I never know whether I'm getting a band new copy or a used copy and just paid full price. In Britain (GAME & Game Station specifically) they slot disks between the pages of the manual, which is stored in a drawer. I'm very particular about scratches and more times than some, scratches occur due to the method they store they're games. I much prefer to order online and have a sealed copy, plus I like that factory smell and more imporantly it's cheaper.

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I think it's one of those games that need/had to be played when it was released, as I don't think it lives up very well now-a-days. Wind Waker might be more appealing or maybe even Skyward Sword (never played Skyward Sword.)

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Hmm pretty interesting stuff. I'm trying to be specific with things and not ask for to much, in case she gets charged or whatever when she returns to the country. Oh, I'm from the UK by the way, I should have mentioned that. After just talking with her, she's apparently bought me some smoked jerky and is going on a short adventure to see what else she can find me.