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I like video games. I play games from pretty much every genre. I don't like sports games much, however i do like racing sims and extreme sports games. i also don't really care for MMO's because of my limited free time spent out of work.

I don't play much multiplayer, again because of having a full time job. god i hate being a full grown man with responsibilities.

Most of my friends don't play video games, cause most are alcoholics or have annoying kids. Plus i moved to an area away from all my college friends that games. Now the only people i come in contact with, would rather watch sports or play golf. Fuck all that.

Video games have been my favorite past time and hobby for as long as i remember. The 1st controller i ever held was probably a intellivision controller. I was prolly 3 or 4, it was my older brothers. My passion for video games have never gone away. I still get excited over a console launch just as much as i did when the SNES came out. I hope my passion for them never dies.

Can't think of anything else. I work a full time job in a highly right wing area, therefore my life is boring.