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@sil3n7: I totally agree with you. If they want to write extensive articles about other hobbies. That's all fine, just keep them off the front page.

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Just wanted to tell Ryan thanks for letting me feel totally fucking normal for how many times i say god dammit while having conversation or really just making sounds come out of my mouth in general. So god DAMMIT Ryan Davis I'll miss you. Your one of my best friends that i never got to met. RIP

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Way to reinforce stereo types by continuing to give this bullshit attention patrick.

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Yeah that is bad taste, but the 12 year old inside me finds it highly hilarious. Wish i would have came accross this last week. I haven't touched fb since the summer. What a great reason to start using it again. To bad people are babies.

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Here's an idea, just ignore it. Sorry but this article seems pointless.

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my biggest concern is censorship, which is why I haven't used gamespot or gamefaqs years because of their rediculous used of censorship on there forums. If there policies come over to giantbomb looks like I'll have to find another site which would be heart breaking. I have been following come of these dudes (Jeff and brad mainly) forever and feel like I would be losing some good friends even though I never met them personally.

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After watching the Software Lineup, i'm totally skipping this. 

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@Six: Agreed
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Man they need to start calling the week before E3 "Delay week". these announcements should come after E3 not before.

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" Sony's still got a ways to go with the PlayStation Network and exclusive games lineup" Really Brad, please elaborate? I would love to hear your opinion why you state this, considering your professional background on this industry and the amount of PS3 exclusives you have reviewed over the past few years.
IDK i just find that statement rather odd, but what ever. what does an average person like me know?