Thursday Night's All Right For Throwing Down

Tonight was the inaugural Thursday Night Throwdown, and I was lucky enough to take part for the second round on PSN.  If you want to see my off-brand Sakura get ruined by Daroka's Zangief, jump ahead to 1:20:49 on the archived version
Playing knowing that there's a live stream and about 2400 people watching around the world is, well, a little nerve racking.  Sakura was the closest thing I had to a main when I got SF4, but I've been playing almost exclusively Juri since I got the game on Tuesday.  But wanting to keep the variety up (there were a lot of Juri's early on), I opted to go back to safe old reliable Sakura. 
I then proceeded to walk into about five SPDs, whiffed my ultra (I was hoping he was going to see the animation and jump), and generally looked like a fool.  But that's okay - it was a lot of fun. 
I had to mute the livestream while I was playing (it was about five seconds behind the live footage on my screen), but I did catch some of Jeff & Ryan trying to guess what the "VJA" in my handle stood for.  Guesses included: 
  •   "Video Jam Alliance"
  •  "Vicious Judo All-Stars"
  •  "VJ Crew"
  •  "Vicodin Justice Association"  (should I ever see them, Jeff, I promise I will send them your regards.)
Sadly, it was none of these awesome suggestions: for 5+ years I ran the US beatmania IIDX community VJ Army, commonly shortened to "VJA". 
After Jeff & Ryan left the lobby, I noticed that MikeFightNight's headset icon was flashing.  I flipped on my headset and chatted with him a bit as he continued to hold it down for Canada.  Great guy, and we got in some more rounds as we shared our mutual love for Dan.  ("If you win, it's ridiculous.  If you lose, it's hilarious.  It's win-win!") 
All in all, a great event, and I look forward to future editions.  (I will take Ryan's advice and know that I fought with honor, and sleep soundly tonight.)


There was a lot in my feed reader today about the new Dejobaan Games mailing list, and how if you joined it you'd get a free copy of TAPtapTAPtapTAPtapTAP, which you may have seen a video of: 
Within the download is a readme (as named in the title of this post), which hilariously reads as follows: 
 Installation Instructions:

1. Unzip. Hey! You've already done this!
2. Run __TAPtapTAPtapTAP -- Paralyzed by Bad Fugu Nigiri.exe to begin.
3. Play by holding the mouse button and releasing it.
4. Fish.
5. Swedish fish.
6. Don't you like fish?
7. Who reads readmes, anyway?
8. Did you know that your friends probably want to join the Dejobaan Fan Club?
9. Maybe they don't. Maybe you should think about that.
10. So what? Maybe they're not your friends, anyway.
11. Hey, maybe you need to call your friends sometimes, instead of playing games.
12. Hahahaha. Just kidding.
13. I just saw the first full episode with the 11th Doctor. It was pretty good.
13. Anyway, so your friends probably talk about you behind your back. Do you think you're the only one that points out other people's flaws? No, you're not. They talk about your flaws, too. You'd probably be mildly offended if you heard what they had to say.
13. But it's natural, and they don't hate yoooooooooou.
19. What does "nu nu nu nu nu nu" mean, anyway? Creepy. I mean, the whole thing is creepy.
20. Anyway, where was I... It's 1:46am, and Marcona Almonds with Rosemary. It sounds both exotic and disgusting. It's pretty good.
22. Oh, and I like this one: I like how the girl is staring at the crayon, as if willing it to catch fire.
24. The little girl in the video is likely in her 40s by now.
23. Everyone you see on the factory floor of that video has died of old age. They were old when the video was taken, and they are now dead.
24. This is the natural cycle of life.
25. It sucks, and I hope that medical technology advances sufficiently before I die of old age.

Geez, that's a downer. I'm sorry. Go play the game and tell us what you think about Aaaaa!, eh?     
I like these guys.