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I often grab the podcasts with my phone, since that's almost exclusively where I listen to them. However this is awkward when it's more than just the latest episode I haven't heard.

Having a way to access older podcasts on smaller screens would be very useful, especially with features like the Dumptrunk where multiple interviews are uploaded around the same time

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I guess as long as it's not TOO painful with the frame rate I'll enjoy having an easier option for enjoying the side quests, but either way I'm sorry to hear this. I have the original Japanese release at least for as I get better with the language...

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<p>Until Fish is also a homophobic asshole who funds horrible things with his profits, I'd put him closer to Tom Crews than Card. Fish can keep being an idiot who I'll just ignore the comments of, as long as he keeps making fun games.</p><p>I'll grab this on Vita if I can, otherwise PC will be nice for the fullscreen expereince. Either way happy for the chance to play.</p>

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@feliciano182: I'm more horrified by the number picking Synthesis, playing God with all creation and doing it when what I'm doing to them isn't clear? No thanks. The amount of body horror, of having your body changed against your will, and how poor a solution that seemed as creation can manage to kill itself just fine even when you're alike, made it my least favorite choice.

I might have gone for control if I could have used that to have the Reapers destroy each other. It deals with them, without the downside of destroying other AI.

Refuse ends up being my preferred choice, with Destroy after that. There was no reason at all Shepard should trust this thing it admitted created and commanded the Reapers, so it felt beyond stupid to take any of it's options for as much of a long shot fighting them without the Catalyst was. Yes, even thought it meant stuff would go on another cycle or two and I wasn't happy with how Shepard argued with the Starchild, that's still the option I'd go with.

Destroy feels the most humane and ethical out of the Catalyst choices, which is... yeah, that's really horrible. I hated the amount of death and genocide that would mean, but better dead than being mind controlled or changed into something you're not. They would still die themselves, with their free will intact.

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In general I love listening to old podcasts for similar reasons as @tobygw, approaching it historically with what we know now.

I have my ongoing quest to hear the bomcasts I've missed, by listening in order from the start. Also just found Groovy Gamer and Idle Thumbs, I've gone backwards with GG and hit about a month or so back. Idle Thumbs I started at the beginning and juuust hit episode 11 part 2.

Planning on checking out some of the highlights for Hotspot once I get current with IT so... that'll take a while :)

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I find synthesis the worst ending because of the sheer body horror of it. Having your body changed without consent, waking up one day to find my body not who I am is horrible. I just keep having these flashes of the Fly as I think of the dysphoria it would cause.

Ignoring how stupid synthetic DNA sounds or that how this is a solution makes little sense.

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Got it day one, and just about done with the childhood arc I think. Little thick with the cliches right now but then that's most tales games and i'm enjoying the main cast. Charterer design is okay, yes on voiced skits, and good acting for the most part. Asbel's dad is the only horrible one so far, but others are making up for it.

So bottom line for me is yes using old stories, but execution of then has me curious and I like the main cast. Starting with childhood arc works for me as it has me worried about how serious some characters look later on. It's also been forever since I've played this type of game so i'm enjoying it for that.

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During my commute/trips in general. I use public transit which translate to a lot of listen time. Otherwise while cooking I find to be a pretty good time.

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Now I don't have to import that Japanese copy! WOOOH!

Now i have my japanese import to be even more lazy about!

I.... on one hand am a bit sad spent 80ish bucks to import it, on the other still like the chance to practice my japanese? And also no waiting, I could right now pop it in and enjoy.

But either way super psyched for this
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Tree? Tree?



I always was going "What the fuck are you doing in my dream Zack? Is this for not playing Deadly Premonition lately?"