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Albuquerque, NM USA

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Some people are at least mildly amusing at it, others just not so much. I watched some of "weregonnalose" since you mentioned him specifically and his "best of" video consisted of him "trolling" some chick in CoD by badgering her to send him pics for his spank bank("sarcastically" I'm sure), and pretending to be a moron in other games to get a rise out of a few dudes. Not particularly my cup of tea as far as "humor" goes I suppose, but then what do I know, dude makes a decent amount of views off his channel so go with what works.

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What have we done.......

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KiteCo has been great fun, cant wait to see where the next year takes us!

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@supermulletman: Do all the career agents so you get a feel for some of the game mechanics. As soon as possible start looking at ships as tools which can be lost. As far as making ISK, there's not really great ways to make tons of it as a new player, your best bet is find something you actually enjoy doing, rather than grinding out ISK. EVE is a weird game, some of the most wealthy players (ingame) didn't get that way from grinding out a living mining space rocks or shooting NPCs.

@jnal the scanning tutorial can be hard, just make sure you ask for advice, and adjust your ship fitting if you cannot get that last 1% scanned down. That's usually a result of low scan probe strength and can be rectified with skills, fitting, ship types, etc.

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@xeiphyer: Maybe 15 minutes to learn the controls and a couple hours training for equipment. The mindset that you need a ton of time invested to be useful is false, you need some basic equipment and you can be extremely useful in pvp.

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@camelizer: Correct, capsules are very low HP and ejected from the ship when it explodes. Killing it sends the pilot to a new clone back in their home system. However they are extremely hard to catch. In this case the capsules were stuck in warp disruption bubbles after their ships exploded and thus couldn't get away. Credit for killing blows only gets sent to the person who fired the killing shot, but each individual report will show every pilot that damaged the vessel destroyed. The destroyer was actually from one of my bombs (Teya Ihara), and was a friendly destroyer who got too close before our bomb run. Our bombs hurt pretty much every ship that was on field, and thus we end up "On the killmail" in Evespeak. The bombing runs it turns out were probably inconsequential due to TISHU shooting Usurper, we simply sped up the process by doing a ton of damage very quickly to all of them.

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Hi Everyone! There seemed to be at least some interest in a few more posts about the goings on in EVE online after Patrick's recent article. The stories players create vary wildly, and many of them get written up on private forums as an AAR. These serve as training tools, story propaganda, and many other things, and can be written for absolutely any engagement. Depending on interest, I'll transcribe some of the larger/more important (from a KiteCo perspective) ones and remove/explain more of the EVE jargon than we typically have to for internal forums. With that out of the way, lets get started!

KiteCo is a part of the Brave Collective alliance(BRAVE), a very large, very new player focused alliance. Their interests line up well with KiteCo in being newbie friendly and out to have a good time. Skipping some of the back-story, BRAVE and thus KiteCo are at war with an alliance called Usurper. On Friday afternoon BRAVE attacked a very valuable asset, a Usurper Player Owned Structure (POS/moon tower) controlling a very valuable moon. We had attacked this moon several times before, each time it was successfully defended by Usurper with some help from another alliance; TISHU.

A POS with a fleet around it, ready to warp away.

When a POS is attacked, it becomes invulnerable for a specified amount of time. The defenders can adjust this timing, making it become vulnerable again at a favorable timezone for them to defend. Usurper chose to have their POS come out of reinforced mode at approx 12:30 AM Sunday morning PST, a terrible hour for US players. Despite this, BRAVE brought approx 500 pilots to the battle, KiteCo brought approx 15 of those. The stage was set for a big battle.

KiteCo had chosen to form up in Stealth Bomber class ships. These ships can remain cloaked, and then attack with one of EVE's few aoe damage weapons, Bombs. Bombs are launched without the need for targeting, fly 30km from your ships current facing, and damage everything within a 15km radius sphere on impact. This makes bombs very dangerous when used in large groups against clustered ships, doing massive damage to everyone around them and forcing Logistics (healer) ships to scramble to catch up with the damage. Approx 1 hour before the fight, KiteCo scouts were in system, marking possible bombing positions to warp to ahead of the battle. During this time we lose one pilot due to an untimely disconnect causing us to de-cloak.

As the POS becomes vulnerable, BRAVE warps the bulk of their fleet in and starts the attack, approx 250 ships land in a big ball right next to the POS shield. KiteCo Bombers take up positions cloaked at a safe spot, ready for the counter-attack. We only have to wait a few minutes, and see Cynos go up (beacon for other ships to jump to) and Usurper and TISHU jump into the fight, about 75 total ships. They're using their typical "Foxcats" doctrine, which are specific battleships with carrier support which are very high HP, very fast repair potential, and have great damage projection. This fleet comp had been very tough for BRAVE to fight in the past, and they landed nearly right on top of the bulk of the BRAVE fleet. Kite bomber fleet commanders have a quick discussion, get a warpin, and land at bombing range. We have to be *very* careful and aim for the back of the Usurper fleet so as not to kill off all the small ships from BRAVE on grid. We make our align, drop bombs, and warp out. Two full waves of bombs go off right on the edge of the Usurper fleet, dealing massive damage, and our spotter reports 3-5 battleships from the opposing side dead within minutes of landing on the field. Kite Bombers regroup to a safe spot.

A zoomed out shot of the battle nearing its conclusion from BRAVE pilot "Bean Nelson"

At this point, BRAVE warps in the rest of their 500 man fleet, the reinforcements consist almost entirely of small frigate class ships which immediately surround the enemy fleet, and Kite bombers stand down and watch the rest of the fight. It's too dangerous to bomb with so many small ships around for fear of massive deaths for our own side. As we observe, it quickly becomes clear something strange is going on. Usurper ships are dying incredibly fast, and within minutes a cease fire is called. All Usurper ships are dead including 3 carriers, TISHU is allowed to warp off. Unknown to us, TISHU had some sort of Beef with Usurper over previous fights, and decided to turn against them for this battle, making it extremely lopsided. The remainder of the night consisted of mopping up the moon tower, and Kite jumped home after a very successful Bomber fleet. BRAVE took a very valuable moon which is now an important asset for the alliance, and everyone got to see some ships blow up, which is always the goal!

While the outcome was great, it would have been very interesting to see if the TISHU Foxcats could have turned away a fleet of that size. We went in looking for a bigger fight than what we got, but in the end the objective was secured, so Op Success!

The Battle Report for those interested:

One of our Pilots has some footage of the battle, and will hopefully be posting that soon as well to go along with this AAR.

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@devil240z: @marnox: @stratesfear: @lordofthehills: Be sure to join the "Giantbombing" chat channel in-game, we have a good handful of new folks in there already this week. Also someone in there can probably answer any questions you might have. As an aside I know our corp had a small roam last night that ended in a really fun fight, letting some very new players get some nullsec kills (and losses) and a good time!

As far as the DUST 514 players, there was a separate corp for that. Unfortunately until something changes with DUST/EVE interaction its unlikely we'll have Dust players in the corp. However, you should still be able to join our chat channel in-game to BS a bit if you want!