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@mrsmiley: I actually very much appreciate the advice of the community and have followed it. I have removed the quotes that related to the Bot Colony concept. The only Review currently displayed on the Steam page of Bot Colony is from here

and it says: occasional exasperation with Jimmy, it turns out I enjoy the hell out of telling robots to do things and then watching them do things. When it works, it’s oddly satisfying. When it doesn’t work, it’s generally amusing.

I think this is fair.

This is an excellent pull quote from an actual hands on which much more accurately reflects what people expect from the reviews section. As for your Q&A pull quote, I would still exclude that from the reviews section since even if not a direct pull from the previous blog post, is a setup for the questions to come, not actually a review of the working product. It's more a conceptual idea of what the game is, or strives to be.

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@mb: I agree this needs to be addressed.

@botcolony As pointed out, all 3 of these "quotes" are severely out of context and don't belong in the "reviews" section of the game if anywhere at all. The Destructoid quote is actually commentary on a preview trailer, chopped in a way that changes the meaning and context. In this case you actively changed the meaning to sound like a favorable review rather than wild, hopeful speculation from viewing a demo reel. Though bad, this is less distasteful than:

The Gamasutra quote isn't even from Gamasutra, but from a featured blog on their site from your own producer which you then attributed to the gaming site that hosted the blog. This goes quite a bit beyond just chopping quotes for a more favorable understanding, and moves a bit more into active deception. You need to be VERY careful doing this kind of thing if you want a community to look at your work favorably.

"The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company."

Lastly, the Game Informer quote is the least terrible of them, at least you actually added what was written and attributed it to a proper outlet, though lacking the context. Though still not a review, its simply a features listing essentially.

And finally, I don't think Vinny went out of his way to actively show your game in a bad light. In fact, I've picked up lots of games played by him that weren't finished/polished that he has had similar troubles with though not nearly as severely as your game. Some of the stuff is fun to watch him try and break, and he does that admirably at spots in this quicklook, but once he's trying to actually play it's a train wreck. The simple fact is the voice recognition is dodgy at best and should either require or steer players down a path of helping it better understand commands through more training. Additionally the voice recognition seems to have *absolutely* no sense of context to the surrounding environment. Calling something a sautee pot then failing entirely to recognize the voice command directly after isn't acceptable if voice recognition is going to be a central focus of the game. And lastly, it has the issues of every text parsing game ever, if you don't know the exact string of commands the computer wants it acts really dumb or simply doesn't understand. This is frustrating and not a fun mechanic to play with for the majority of people.

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Albuquerque, NM USA

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Some people are at least mildly amusing at it, others just not so much. I watched some of "weregonnalose" since you mentioned him specifically and his "best of" video consisted of him "trolling" some chick in CoD by badgering her to send him pics for his spank bank("sarcastically" I'm sure), and pretending to be a moron in other games to get a rise out of a few dudes. Not particularly my cup of tea as far as "humor" goes I suppose, but then what do I know, dude makes a decent amount of views off his channel so go with what works.

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What have we done.......

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KiteCo has been great fun, cant wait to see where the next year takes us!

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@supermulletman: Do all the career agents so you get a feel for some of the game mechanics. As soon as possible start looking at ships as tools which can be lost. As far as making ISK, there's not really great ways to make tons of it as a new player, your best bet is find something you actually enjoy doing, rather than grinding out ISK. EVE is a weird game, some of the most wealthy players (ingame) didn't get that way from grinding out a living mining space rocks or shooting NPCs.

@jnal the scanning tutorial can be hard, just make sure you ask for advice, and adjust your ship fitting if you cannot get that last 1% scanned down. That's usually a result of low scan probe strength and can be rectified with skills, fitting, ship types, etc.

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@xeiphyer: Maybe 15 minutes to learn the controls and a couple hours training for equipment. The mindset that you need a ton of time invested to be useful is false, you need some basic equipment and you can be extremely useful in pvp.

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@camelizer: Correct, capsules are very low HP and ejected from the ship when it explodes. Killing it sends the pilot to a new clone back in their home system. However they are extremely hard to catch. In this case the capsules were stuck in warp disruption bubbles after their ships exploded and thus couldn't get away. Credit for killing blows only gets sent to the person who fired the killing shot, but each individual report will show every pilot that damaged the vessel destroyed. The destroyer was actually from one of my bombs (Teya Ihara), and was a friendly destroyer who got too close before our bomb run. Our bombs hurt pretty much every ship that was on field, and thus we end up "On the killmail" in Evespeak. The bombing runs it turns out were probably inconsequential due to TISHU shooting Usurper, we simply sped up the process by doing a ton of damage very quickly to all of them.