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I was never under the impression this was anything other than a full $60 retail release. If it shows up cheaper, great, but compared to other full price releases this looks like a good deal at that price point.

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Agree with some of the above suggestions. My 10 year old daughter loves Minecraft on PC, Sims, Viva Pinata, Kerbal Space Program. I think viva pinata is probably the most animal focused of that bunch, and pretty free-form overall. The only other similar game I can think of where animal handling has more of a focus is Wurm online, and that game is just too dense and too slow moving for most kids that age.

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A couple things.

The crusader is tanky as shit at low levels. Until you hit about lvl 50+ when the elite mobs start getting 3 and 4 traits its super easy. The game scales to your level, and any zone you go into will have mobs of an appropriate level for you so out-leveling your game isn't possible, but out gearing your difficulty certainly is.

Lastly, you're approaching the game in a slightly backwards mindset. This game really starts to ramp up at the level "cap". Keep in mind that though your character has a level cap, there are virtually endless "paragon" levels to continue to gain. Couple that with the classic Diablo loot treadmill and you have pretty much endless content at the endgame. I would go so far as to say you're actively hurting your experience by worrying about leveling too fast. Bump that difficulty up as high as you like and enjoy the challenge. It helps more than you think because you'll be at, or close to, the level cap by the time you finish the story the first time. I had to go to torment 1 for a large part of my crusader leveling, and then drop it down to master on act 5 because the expansion is a bit harder than the vanilla content, but this is going to depend entirely on your gear at that point.

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@cerebus: Check out the Tram if you're not afraid of heights. Eat at Sadie's, any of the locations are fine but I still prefer the one up on 4th street, the food is very hot so order chile on the side if you need to. Find a Golden Pride and have a breakfast burrito(most places make good ones, this is just my go-to, pretty good Carne Adovoda). Old town is nice this time of year to walk around and checkout some local artists and vendors. Weems International Artfest is at the fairgrounds this weekend if you're into that, it's usually a pretty cool event with lots of interesting artists. The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is pretty cool to kill a few hours. If you're the outdoors type there are a LOT of places to go hiking or biking. We have a VERY nice aquarium and if you go there take a walk through the botanic gardens as well.

Edit: OH, Bring a jacket, its cold this weekend, Highs will be in the 40's on sunday. Shut up, that's cold here.

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@cornbredx: Should be able to do it in a small pan with water and just slowly dissolve the jellybeans into a simple syrup if you really want to do it, the double boiler probably made this way harder. However instructing Dan to make a scalding hot sugar syrup on the stove top could be pretty dangerous.

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This thread is great.

As a side note, all of these contests are no purchase necessary (would be a lottery otherwise and not a give-away). You can get a code from a website instead of enduring a burrito supreme every day, but that probably requires you to physically mail something or some shit, and this is way more entertaining.

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The only real new hires have been Patrick, when he was brought in as the news guy, Jason for video production, and Dan for editorial. This last round of hires was really the only time they've ever even announced a "We're hiring!" process. So when I see language like "they do this again, and again, and again" or saying Jeff has a really long track record of doing this, it just doesn't sound like a fair assessment to me. Over years and years, they've only hired 3 new faces. It's not like they have the staff size of IGN or Gamespot or something.

That's fine. His company, his choice. But look - this site has 0 percent diversity. None. Zero. Zip. In an industry where women are literally being threatened out of our homes due to misogynistic culture - Giant Bomb is the most egregious example of a journalist enterprise not caring about diversity.

Want to hear black voices? Giant Bomb chooses not to hire them.

Want to hear women's voices? Giant Bomb chooses not to hire them.

Want to hear gay voices? Giant Bomb chooses not to hire them.

Want to hear Hispanic voices? Giant Bomb chooses not to hire them.

Want to hear transgender voices? Giant Bomb chooses not to hire them.

This is an industry with a really terrible track record of diversity. And, Giant Bomb's choices make it poster child of not caring about diversity. His company, his choice - but I'm known for advocating women in this field. And Giant Bomb doesn't get a pass just because they are good guys.

Their decision to keep their heads in the sand on issues affecting women DEVASTATES their credibility of being allies to women, especially with Samantha.

So you'd rather they check off some minority quota than hire the right person for the job?

GB has the right to hire who they want. @spacekatgal has the right to call them out if she feels their lack of diversity is hurting their editorial, their image, or anything else. They don't need us to defend their hiring practices. I'm personally happy Dan is onboard because he's entertaining, but I can also say yes, this site needs to diversify their staff and get more opinions from different places. TBH this thread is probably a good start, and maybe next time they have an opening they'll consider this issue more when weighing hiring options *especially* if they see the community asking for it. This is one of the reasons I (we?) love the E3 coverage events, we get more opinions about more industry news from a much wider array of industry voices and I can only hope that they expand the cast appearing in their videos. There's no reason to be defensive about it, at all.

Thank you Brianna for answering questions about this subject. This whole episode been terrible and I hope things get better soon, the level of vitriol directed at female industry people is truly shocking and honestly confusing. Though some of us choose not to weigh in on this subject very often, you've been great at making me think about the industry and it's shortcomings in ways I might not have before, and reflect a bit on what (I) need to change. That may not be enough, I'm not sure. Hang in there, some day my daughter might need the help you're giving her now.

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Glad to see this posted, sorry it needed to be done. The whole GG movement is so cartoonishly villainous that it would be laughable if not for the actual, real life harm they are doing to people who had the audacity to make video games that aren't mainstream, or express opinions they don't agree with. Anyone who thinks they should/can/might use the movement as some sort of platform for "reform" or discussion of games journalism ethics is ignorant at best. The whole thing just looks like children who don't know how the world works, calling people out for simple contacts lists in an attempt to expose... something? Well they don't really know but damnit they'll know it when they see it! The only thing they've manged to expose is just how much vitriol and hate people in this industry can get just for their sex, orientation, or even a damn opinion.

I'll forever be baffled by individuals who feel the need to bring personal harm to someone they disagree with, and I have a feeling the VAST majority of people are in that camp. I disagree with Mr @patrickklepek pretty often, we have different worldviews and that's cool. Some of his articles make me think about things differently and re-evaluate my own opinions or just examine why I've formed the opinion I have. Sometimes I chuckle and wonder "Why is this even a thing someone has to write about". Maybe it's a shameful secret, but sometimes I even skip some of his content because it isn't the flavor of entertainment, commentary or news I'm looking for at the time. I'll never understand why it needs to go farther than that for some people.

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This stuff almost makes me want to get an XBONE just to get back into designing cars. I wasn't very good at racing but I liked making designs!