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@slyspider: just use your main and move him to the new area, put up your assets via contract as a "firesale". Usually you can get 80+% of normal price. You lose some isk but its not the end of the world.

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@mrbubbles: Just as an FYI, you never need to give our your account name. Character names are fine! If you join Kite someone will walk you through the api process which gives people whatever info they may need.

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@monkehhh: Some day you'll wake up and realize what your life is missing. That thing is eve, or a carne adovada breakfast burrito. Either way, life gets better when you realize what you're missing.

@richyhahn4: All duders welcome, stop by the "giantbombing" chat channel for info and ask for anyone to help you out!

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@marokai: Sort of? I mean most of the alliance level leadership is inexperienced, so there's plenty of fuckups. They'll keep on being BRAVE most likely though.

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I think that's fair, and for the record I voted yes on this. Responsibility in art is important--the creators should be thoughtful when dealing with heavy themes. Haven't played Life is Strange so I can't comment on how they handle those themes, but if a creator makes a mistake and does not do so thoughtfully or deftly, they can cause harm. People freak out at the thought of responsibility but it feels like an attack on freedom, and it is. But it's anarchic freedom, not moderated freedom. Freedom needs regulation and governance otherwise everyone is a dick to everyone always.

This is.... pretty scary shit. Whats your proposed punishment for offending the thought police?

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@seemah: From what I understand, they just import them if there is no local supply, and somehow that translates into lower tax revenue from commercial.

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I was never under the impression this was anything other than a full $60 retail release. If it shows up cheaper, great, but compared to other full price releases this looks like a good deal at that price point.

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Agree with some of the above suggestions. My 10 year old daughter loves Minecraft on PC, Sims, Viva Pinata, Kerbal Space Program. I think viva pinata is probably the most animal focused of that bunch, and pretty free-form overall. The only other similar game I can think of where animal handling has more of a focus is Wurm online, and that game is just too dense and too slow moving for most kids that age.

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A couple things.

The crusader is tanky as shit at low levels. Until you hit about lvl 50+ when the elite mobs start getting 3 and 4 traits its super easy. The game scales to your level, and any zone you go into will have mobs of an appropriate level for you so out-leveling your game isn't possible, but out gearing your difficulty certainly is.

Lastly, you're approaching the game in a slightly backwards mindset. This game really starts to ramp up at the level "cap". Keep in mind that though your character has a level cap, there are virtually endless "paragon" levels to continue to gain. Couple that with the classic Diablo loot treadmill and you have pretty much endless content at the endgame. I would go so far as to say you're actively hurting your experience by worrying about leveling too fast. Bump that difficulty up as high as you like and enjoy the challenge. It helps more than you think because you'll be at, or close to, the level cap by the time you finish the story the first time. I had to go to torment 1 for a large part of my crusader leveling, and then drop it down to master on act 5 because the expansion is a bit harder than the vanilla content, but this is going to depend entirely on your gear at that point.

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