So I edited together 22 hours of Giant Bomb/Iron Galaxy's Extra Life stream into a 1 hour video

Hey, it's me again. I'm the guy who did that other video.

So this time I downloaded all 12 parts (22 hrs, or 18GB) of Giant Bomb / Iron Galaxy's 22 hour Extra Life live stream and decided "why not try to make another dumb internet video with this. That won't be too much harder, right?"

Why I decided to jump from a 3 hour video featuring one game to 22 hour livestream featuring like, every game, is beyond even me. I actually tuned in for parts of the stream when it happened live, but couldn't stick around for everything. I really liked what I saw so I figured taking on this project would give me a good excuse to watch it all plus I'd have something to show for it at the end.

It was a real test of my patience, As I watched Patrick, Dave, Steve and co. fight to stay awake, I found myself sharing in their ordeal a little. There were definitely times where I'd reach what I thought was a good stopping point for the session only to zoom out and discover I'd maybe only got 1/18th of the way through.


Large parts of the stream weren't usable mainly due to it being footage of dudes passively playing games without much commentary. Any content will do on a 24 hour livestream (as long as it's not horror games) but that isn't the case when you're trying to edit together something engaging. However, Dave could almost always be counted on to drop some hot sound bites and whenever Spelunky or Velvet Sundown was booted up, you knew some shit was about to go down.

What have I gotten myself into this time / A rainbow of sadness

In the end I ended up cutting out more than 75% of the footage in a first pass just to get it to a 'reasonable' length and then doing another pass to make sure I got all the moments I wanted. The final version is still over an hour long, but the nice thing about taking an hour out of 22 is that there is pretty much zero filler. It's all the hot moments with none of the 3am blank stares.

The part I'm most proud of is by far the Spelunky segments. Damn that game makes for good video. Especially when you involve 3 other knuckleheads and a shitload of bombs. There is so much goddamn spelunky happening that I had to resort to doing a supercut of every explosion just to try and fit most of it in.

Anyways, I decided to start an actual Youtube Channel now that I'm sure I'll continue to do at least one or two of these types of video a month. It's called Beautiful Axe, it's got a hot logo and everything. Future videos from me will be uploaded there instead of my personal channel. I had said that I was going to try an do all the Extra Life streams but considering how much effort this one took, I may do some shorter videos in between to try to change things up a bit.


Watch it on Youtube, expand the description for the video, there you will find a full index of every segment I edited together along with a handy timestamp so you can skip straight the part you want to see. Here are some choice moments: Dave Lang's Giant Bomb Tier Chart / #AllAboutTheMoms, "Danny O'Boyle", Samurai Gunn Flawless Victory, Spelunky 99 Bombs Supercut


Duder, you're the best. Seriously you won't be disappointed. It's all hot content.


So I edited together 2 hours of Mario Party 2 into 19 minutes

So I decided to learn video editing in my spare time. My background is primarily in graphic and web design but I've always been interested in video production so I thought it might be cool to experiment with some Giant Bomb videos.

Since Windows doesn't come packaged with a decent video editing program like iMovie, I started looking for a good freeware video editing suite. I wanted something where I could drop a file or files on a timeline and make some very basic linear cuts.

I came across Lightworks which seemed like a decent free suite with a relatively straightforward interface. After spending 15-20 hours doing some very basic linear editing, I'd say that it's a pretty good option.

The Mario Party 2 premium video was a joy to edit. So many great moments. I wasn't really trying to form any sort of narrative, just cut together what I thought were the best bits. The original video is 3 hours long and I managed to cut it down to about 19 minutes.

My first pass was alright. I spent most of my time scrubbing around to find where a 'bit' started and ended and then cutting out everything around until I was left with consecutive goofs. This means I had the entire 3 hour video sitting on the timeline and I was making my edits when and where I saw them, which I'm positive is the wrong way to go about things. The term 'destructive editing' comes to mind but I was more concerned with finishing this project quickly and figured I could learn how to do it 'the right way' later. Here's my timeline for that project:

My timeline for the Mario Party 2 video.

In the end I was pretty pleased with how the video turned out. I realize now that if I wanted to go back and re-edit this video, it would be very time-consuming due to the way I just haphazardly sliced out parts of footage in one massive edit. I didn't mess with any of the effects and most of the clips were edited in the order they appeared (save for one or two bits).

Feeling satisfied and perhaps a little overconfident I decided that my next project should be editing together the best bits of the 96 hour extra life livestreams. I finished the Iron Galaxy portion, but I'm planning on writing a separate blog for that.

You can watch the Mario Party video below. If you guys have any hot editing tips I'd love to hear them.