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So the rules on VOD retention only apply going forward right? Surely they can't be retroactively deleting VODs older than 14/60 days...

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Jeff just uploaded both parts to his Mixlr showreel.

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Timing for this news couldn't be better. The analog sticks on my old 360 controller are nearly down to the plastic and the triggers getting pretty slack.

I really like the DS4 but MS is first to the table with official driver support for the PC so they get my money.

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Poor Paul, poor carrie, poor everyone else. I remember being stupidly excited for WAR before it's release. Seeing Paul's seething enthusiasm in the class preview videos that leas up to the games release was a huge reason I decided to purchase WAR and subscribe. It was a Warhammer game from people who seemed to really give a shit about the license and were really trying to do something different with an MMO. That game still has some of the most bonkers level designs for major hubs. I remember the Chaos hub city straight up having demons roaming around certain area who would just attack you on sight if you strayed outside the main streets.

I've always enjoyed seeing Paul and Carrie pop up around E3 or GDC or during GOTY. Hopefully the shadow of Dungeon Keeper Mobile doesn't haunt them and I sincerely wish them and everyone else from Mythic the best in the future.

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The first Dragon Age is a pretty good party-based RPG. Quite similar to Baldur's gate.

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I think someone (can't remember who) made a really good point on a previous bombast that went: Yes, in the Arkham games Batman is unable to kill NPCs but way the gameplay works in that game, they way you battle enemies, use gadgets, string guys up from high perches and -in the case of this upcoming game- use the bat-mobile, people would almost certainly die or at least should be dieing as a result of your actions but the game is designed in such a way that prevents that. You go around this world basically going balls out because you know that you no matter how hard you kick a dude or where you string him up from, the game won't punish you for being 'too' brutal.

It's kind of cheating the player of out a really interesting and essential part of the Batman character but I suppose if you're making entertainment, it's probably not that fun of a mechanic to have to pull punches. I think there's probably an interesting smaller Batman game in that concept, where you did have to think carefully about taking out enemies without going too far. It wouldn't be as fast-paced as the Arkham games but it does play into the very interesting fight-puzzle element of those games in a might make the player think more carefully about their actions instead of just mashing the 'piledriver' button.

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People hate everything. There are even people who hate video games, can you believe it?

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Welp, even the commentators on Sky are calling this season. It's a win for Mercedes and it simply remains to be seen who the better driver on that team is. Of the two, I'd like to see Nico win, I don't much care for Hamilton and seeing him sweep the last couple of races handily (with the except of the the last couple laps is Bahrain) is pretty disappointing to watch.

I don't think anyone likes seeing one team be so dominant as to basically make the rest of the season moot but kudos to the Mercedes engineering team. At least the other teams seem to be on relatively equal footing. Red Bull are still fast but inconsistent and the rivalry between Ricciardo & Vettel is super interesting to watch play out on the track. Vettel clearly believes he's the faster driver but Ricciardo has proven he's no slouch and had it not been for a series of really unlucky events, would probably be sitting atop Seb in the Drivers Champ. It's nice to see Vettel in the middle of the pack actually fighting for position with other drivers, almost forgot what that looked like.

Williams is another team with a strong rivalry. It'd probably be more apparent if both cars weren't plagued with mechanical issues or held up by team errors. I like Williams, they seem to have an OK car this year but man they really can't catch a break.

Torro Rosso. Damn Kvyat, you fast. What is this kid, 19? Makes you wonder where he'll be in a few years..

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How did the talk go? Was it good? Did we get any audio, would love to hear it.