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While Harmonix should be pissed I actually think they're in a great position here. If the two videos are indicitive of what the actual game is going to be it looks TERRIBLE.

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You can play as a WWII Soviet commander in Company of Heroes 2, they did some dirt shit. Any game that lets you reenact battles from WWI is probably going to make you feel pretty villainous.

The Total War series has some pretty intimate combat where you can see the faces of the men you command. In that game you can (and often do) order your troops to their death. Heck, the latest game has you playing as Attila who tore ass through the eastern roman empire with abandon

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Danswers is a surprising salient advice podcast. Dan and Danny give surprisingly adult answers and for the most part stay on topic. I think video games only came up once in this most recent episode and they both acknowledged that they try to avoid going off on unrelated tangents. Both guys have struggled with their own issues and its nice to hear them discuss what helped. The guests they bring in do a great job of offering diverse perspectives on a lot of the issues and I hope that this trend will continue. The latest episode is probably my favourite so far. Samantha Kalman is a truly joyous human being and hearing about her journey as a trans woman was both touching and informative. I'm really looking forward to future episodes of Danswers and I'm hoping they'll continue to wrangle awesome guest "Dan's".

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The only aftermarket console and PC controller I know of that's more expensive than the OEM controllers is the Razer Sabertooth. It claims to offer better reliability due to "selection of materials used for the buttons, triggers and analog sticks" and "stringent QA checks". No idea if this is worth the extra cost but with Razer I'd be skeptical if it was all it's cracked up to be.

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I have some Sennheiser HD555's that I've had for around 10 years now. They've single handedly made me a loyal customer. Extremely comfortable, durable, fairly light, big bright sound with a respectable low end and do not require any amp to drive. Even after being discontinued for many years I was still able to buy replacement ear cups. When (or at this point if) they kick the can I'm pretty much set on just buying the updated 558's.

It's an open design so there is no isolation (good for a wide sound stage and being present when others are in the room, not ideal for heavy bass or loud environments).

I've recently added an Antlion ModMic 4.0 to the left so that my favourite pair can also double as a gaming headset.

Also have an AIAIAI TMA-1 which are pretty good closed DJ-style headphones. Very plain, flat black design, excellent bass, almost total isolation and comes with both straight and coiled detachable cords.

For portable I have a pair of Audio-Technica CK10's that are my go to ipod in-ears. Got them based on the glowing HeadphoneList review.

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Jason had me a sleepy-brad cutout eyes.

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Solas and Vivienne for the constant shade-throwing contest.

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I'm liking Cassandra, Iron Bull and Sera as a party. They have some interesting conversations. Also Sera is insane dps, she killed this dragon all by herself for me. This is only on Hard Mode, but I think she still would have killed it pretty quick on Nightmare.


I actually avoided the mission where you get Sera in your party because I'm playing a dual-wield rogue myself but now I think I need to go back and pick her up.

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Last, Titanfall. First, Diablo 3. I feel weird about my choices now that I see them written down.

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I feel like the argument Brad made for Destiny this year was similar to the one he made for Mass Effect 3: "disregarding all the overwhelming bullshit everyone else went through, my experience of this game was great".

Meanwhile Dan lands Mario Kart 8 onto the list pretty much uncontested.

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Brad's only argument should be "this game is dog shit but I like it" because that's all he really had to go on. People called me insane for saying Brad would fight for it to be in the top 10, which really isn't that weird if you follow his Twitter at all. Destiny being on the top 10 and Divinity not being on there is hilarious. Everyone raving about Destiny and putting in their top 10s doesn't really do anything but strengthen Bungie to continue to put out more shit but it is clear particular people will eat it up.

Not enough people played Divinity though. Patrick made some convincing arguments for that game but literally no one else spent any significant time with it and the way that discussion was heading I think he knew he wasn't going to get any support for it. Had Vinny and/or Brad played it I feel like it would have been a lock. It's a shame GB didn't recognize it but Divinity is getting it's due elsewhere.