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@automatontribe: The United States is huge, many states are as large as many European nations. Driving from one end of North Carolina to the other north to south takes 2 hours 150 'ish miles, east to west around 8 hours or around 490 miles. That's why it took Vinny that long to drive cross country.

It would have been bigger if we tried harder to take Canada from the British during The Revolution. Damn Canadians fought back! Weird!

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@jonny_anonymous: I think missions are cross platform but not free roam. I think, we can link up through Crews since the friends list are not cross platform. Invites are done in the pre-mission lobby. I believe I ran into this while playing once before, I could play a mission but could not join free mode, the game gave a kind of "unsupported session" message.

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Me too!



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Great Piece! it's cool Diablo inspired people working on Animal Crossing. Now I want to play it again.

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Boom goes the dynomite! What the Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! damn I never thought they would do this!!! now they just need a $399 sku and the war is ooonnnn!!!

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@thefakepsychic: Thank you, you provided actual information that may put my questions to bed... But why pull a shorter version of a trailer to a game that has been already been announced. This is a plausible explanation, but its a little strange if I may say so myself.

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@truthtellah: I know that's my point!! What was it??!?!?!?! Aren't you curious?

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OK I know and understand that this could be absolutely nothing, but I am still curious as to what it was.

On the PlayStation YouTube page they have a PS4 playlist Found Here. The first video listed on the page is now private. Does anyone know what is was? Was there a leaked PS4 game trailer that was pulled "made private" due to an accidental early upload?

Before I went all "conspiracy theory forum post guy" I did a little digging but came up dry. There are no web caches for that page recent enough to be any use, and I have not found any story about an accidental leak. Can anyone provide any clue as to what this video could be? Is there a way to sniff around and find meta data that could lead to a name or title of the video? Is there some method for looking past YouTube's private video wall, if not to watch obviously, but to at least find a title?

I have no expectations of finding anything of substance, yet I can't help but wonder what it was they made private.

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@JasonR86: Ok granted Nintendo likes regurgitating old games. But this is not the Nintendo they used to be in the late 80s and 90s. With the decisions they have made they are now going to be playing the catch up game. The Wii U is not on par with the rest of the "next gen" consoles and the fact that we can say that without even seeing the competition is a bad thing. This is Nintendo we are talking about, they should be the leaders not the people releasing Batman Arkham City a year after its original release. If you get my point.

@Pudge: Thanks for the heads up.

@DarthOrange: While Microsoft isn't focused on games they have much better 3rd party support. So I'm sticking with them.

@ThePaleKing: Point taken Not a "remake" Upgrade. Perhaps my original wording was flawed.

@Hailinel: I'm saying that the fact that their new console is just now able to even play that game is an issue. its not that they are simply re-releasing an old game. Its that their old console couldn't play it in the first place, and the new console is just barely able to handle it. These are just symptoms of a bigger problem with Nintendo.

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