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@courage_wolf: I wish that were the case, but it does not seem to work out that way. As you mentioned all of the social progress movements are separated by cause. If we could get it all under one system maybe we would get more traction.

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@sergio: I guess it depends on what you are personally exposed to.

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@jdci: I agree with you about the issues with minority representation. As an uber mutt feel underrepresented all the time. Yet, that is a different conversation. It just so happens that many women have been targeted and singled out because they themselves spoke out about being underrepresented. I have had racist names thrown at me at times but I have never heard of being aggressively and violently targeted and threatened like women have when speaking out. Unfortunately, minorities get treated slightly better in this regard due to the open cultural taboos on racism, but sexism has not had the same amount of exposure in recent years so misogynistic attitudes seem to be more intense and in some circles even accepted and embraced. When churches preach racial tolerance but then say women are subservient and should not be afforded the same rights as a man, like a very prominent church in the US did in the early 2000's, it does not help end sexism in society it helps breed it.

So unfortunately, the issues have to be separated because the causes and solutions are different and have to be dealt with separately.

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This guy just made a stupid mistake out of anger, if he does not show a pattern of this I think we can just count this as a strike on his record and move on. He made a mistake. Other people though, I am not so sure about.

People are talking about a Twitter boycott because of their lack of action on crap like this. I have been using it less and less but I may just quit altogether. If people are allowed to behave like this with little repercussion, maybe Twitter isn't an appealing place to be anymore. I think I am done.

Twitter simply closes the account, but doesn't go further to prevent the person from creating another account and continueing the reprehensible behavior. They avoided the image of being complicit by shutting down accounts, but now they need to do more or else they will be seen as enabling the behavior. Every website needs to do more, many get it right but a lot still don't. If the person shows a pattern of antisocial behavior they need to be banned from engaging in public discourse, take away their internet privileges like the courts do with hackers and violent predators. Sadist shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

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@rorie: @patrickklepek Good for you guys for making a statement more specifically addressing the silly hashtag nonsense. I am glad you are taking a public stance against it. Yet, you didn't address any of the issues that have been raised against you. The things that made you get called out on national TV. Talk is nice, but what are your actions going to be? You have never addressed your obvious lack of diversity. How will you address the questions about your lack of inclusiveness? You started addressing the fact that this is a personality driven site that is supposed to speak to everyone, but then made no mention of how you will actually live up to that standard.

I completely disagree that silence is not complicity. We have learned many times throughout history that staying silent in the face of injustice is indeed complicity in that injustice. Some people have to keep fighting for what some take for granted.

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@automatontribe: The United States is huge, many states are as large as many European nations. Driving from one end of North Carolina to the other north to south takes 2 hours 150 'ish miles, east to west around 8 hours or around 490 miles. That's why it took Vinny that long to drive cross country.

It would have been bigger if we tried harder to take Canada from the British during The Revolution. Damn Canadians fought back! Weird!

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@jonny_anonymous: I think missions are cross platform but not free roam. I think, we can link up through Crews since the friends list are not cross platform. Invites are done in the pre-mission lobby. I believe I ran into this while playing once before, I could play a mission but could not join free mode, the game gave a kind of "unsupported session" message.

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Me too!



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Great Piece! it's cool Diablo inspired people working on Animal Crossing. Now I want to play it again.

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