The Giant Bomb F2P Quick Look Formula

  1. Immediately complain that game is F2P and offers some sort of transaction model.
  2. Apparently enjoy game for 30 minutes while misunderstanding most gameplay mechanics (free and paid alike).
  3. Repeat complaints about the nature of F2P games and check to see the conversion rate of in-game currency to real world money (If you're Brad, now is a good time to hoard your in-game currency or refuse to test an important gameplay mechanic).
  4. Comment on sad state of gaming even though quality games with a significant amount of content are now accessible to a wider range of people.
  5. Say, "It seems alright."
  6. Rinse, repeat.


P.S. I do realize that I now only show up to complain, which officially makes me an old man.

P.P.S. This entry was spurred by watching the recent Ascend QL and reminiscing about the PvZ2 QL.

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Posted by joshwent

What a backhanded, erroneous way of trying to make a positive statement about "quality" F2P games.

If you have a point, make it. But don't generalize and speak for others based on pretty much one video about one game.

Posted by TruthTellah

@renegadesaint: If you're a fan of F2P games, you could easily make a blog post praising the good ones rather than just negatively generalizing about Quick Looks. If you make good points, perhaps people will understand what you mean, but posting in General Discussion to mock some random Quick Looks seems like the worst option available to you. F2P games may have some merits, but you're doing them no favors with posts like this.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Quick Look Formula: 'The fuck is this' 'I dunno man, video games' roll credits

Posted by tsutohiro

@renegadesaint: The complaints about both games are totally accurate though. Ascend has the currency tied to literally everything including equipment durability, (the starting weapon which broke in under an hour of gameplay, and a helm that broke shortly after finding), is pretty lame. In PvZ2, you have to replay previous levels over and over to gain stars and keys, or pay up in order to progress.

Both games would be better off if you just paid for them and they didn't have those F2P trappings.

Maybe you should read this:

Posted by ZombiePie

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