Random Thoughts from a Random Mind (Blog Post)

Dark Places

A couple of friends wanted to start a book club so I joined. I've never been in one before so why not. The person hosting this month picks the book so she picked Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Most of us read her latest book Gone Girl this summer. We all enjoyed it so we decided to go back and read an earlier book by her. Overall I enjoyed it but not as much as Gone Girl.

The main character is Libby Day. She was seven years old when her older brother murdered her mother and two sisters. She ran and hid in the woods and survived even though she lost three toes and two fingers to frostbite. The novel takes place Twenty Five years after the murders. She has been living off all the donations people made in her name after the tragedy and a self help book she published. The money is running out and she doesn't know what to do. Enter Lyle, President of the Kill Club. The Kill club is a group of people who investigate violent crimes and try to get verdicts overturned if they think the wrong people are in jail. Lyle thinks Libby's brother, Ben, is innocent and he wants her help to prove it.

The book switches perspectives each chapter. Libby's sections are told in first person and take place in the present. Then it jumps back to the day before the murders. While in the past it is a third person perspective of Ben and Libby's mother Patty. It shows how poor and down on their luck the family was. It also shows how twisted things can get when looked at with incorrect information. Like Gone Girl this novel is dark, not as dark as Gone Girl though. There are a few good twists but in the end I was under whelmed with the ending.

Royal Rumble

This is my favorite PPV of the year. Even when I was a little kid growing up I loved this event. I like how there are surprise returns, even if they get eliminated a few seconds later, it was great seeing the Godfather. The past few years my friends and I have bet money and drawn numbers. It adds to the fun being able to cheer on the people who come out with your number. It's also fun finding out your number is Heath Slater and knowing that one is a total waste. What bothers me a little is when the Rumble is not the final match. The past two years this has been the case. I understand why Punk vs The Rock is on after the rumble but it is rubbish. The title event should be the main event but this is Vince logic we are dealing with.

The Del Rio vs Big Show match was ok. I'm not a fan of The Big Show. I don't understand why he keeps getting title shots. The use of duct tape to keep him down was funny and a good way to end it. I was surprised Team Hell No didn't lose the titles to the Rhodes Scholers. They finished Anger Management the Raw before and had their final hugs. Why not push a new rising team like Cody and Sandow but again this is WWE. I guess they want to keep them together a little longer before the split them. Maybe they will drop the titles at the Chamber PPV and then have them fight at Mania.

The Rumble it’s self was a blast, other than the ending. The return of Jericho was perfect. Have Dolph run his mouth before the match and then send in someone he is afraid of. I had no idea Jericho was returning so when his music hit everyone I watched with flipped out. I don’t hate Cena as much as other people. I think the Rumble is a good place to highlight younger talent and then give someone who is good a huge push to become great. When Cena won they kept saying “Cena is going to headline Wrestlemania”. Of course he is. Even if he didn’t win he would be in the main event, because he is John Cena. Oh well what can you do, other than write a blog about it.

I think Punk should still be the champ. I understand that Cena fighting The Rock for the title will get a lot of sales of the PPV but not as many as they think. People bought last year because it was once in a lifetime. When else would these two fight. I bet random people that bought the PPV thought the match was for a title. I don’t think the idea of Rock Cena 2 Electric Rappadoo will draw the same people in because they saw it last year. “But this time it’s for the title” the ads will say, “And it wasn’t last year??” the non-wrasslin fans will respond. Oh well. This isn’t officially the match yet…Maybe Punk will win it back at the Chamber PPV…maybe.

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