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Thanks everyone for your help. Looks like I will be tricking a friend to help me. Might go with @corevi 's computer.

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Quick question if you have a moment. New Egg has some pre-built computers on sale for Black Friday. I'm looking at this one.

It looks good to me, not amazing. I'm not looking to play the biggest games at max settings. Mostly indie games and some MMOs. My max price range is $1500 but I'd liked to be around $1250. I have a friend who will help me build a computer. Do you think I would get a better computer building one around that price?? Has anyone bought from IbuyPower before?? Thanks for your time.

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Pick me!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

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I'm excited for it but I don't think it will be out anytime soon...

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I had to kill the Chef three times before I got his head. Each time he came back with more and more bandages and rags on his face and he mad comments about how messed up he was because of it.

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They Post the New Pins that will be available at Prime. They look pretty sweet. I think the Supergiant pin looks the best. Offer is still out there. If anyone wants to trade or pick up a few for me I will pay.

New Pins at Prime

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Anyone going to Prime into Collecting Pinny Arcade Pins?? I can't make it and was wondering if anyone could pick me up a Prime Set and the 10th Anniversary Pin. I can paypal you the money if you pick them up. Or if you couldn't make it to east we could trade, I have extra East Set and 10th Anniversary East Pin.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!!!!

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The movie theater I always went to was under construction and I went to the bathroom I always went to. I had to pee and found it weird there were no urinals but I brushed it off and used a stall. When I came out my wife and friend were laughing and telling me it was the ladies room. Lucky for me there was no one in there.

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In College my whole floor played Tiger Woods 2003. We all had careers on one memory card, Because only one person had the game. We all played together non stop. We had maxed dudes each personalized. Then the one guy who didn't play the game came in while the game was saving and unplugged the ps2. We lost everything. It was a bummer. So we went back to playing Empire Earth and Counter-strike on the LAN.

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she sued because the baby talking video said that Milkaholic makes sense in her crazy mind i guess.