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Total games: 218
Played games: 65 (29.82%)
Unplayed games: 153 (70.18%)
Total hours: 320.1
Although total hours should be more than that. it only counts those when I was connected online. It also counts as unplayed some DLC (ie for Borderlands) . In my case ther should be 202 games owned. 
Played games:65 (33.67%) 
Unplayed games: 137 (66.33%) 
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@shinigami420 said:

also i am pretty sure duckhunt is the best hunting game

That would be The Hunter actually.
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I preorder only if I suspect title will be hard to get later (collector editions or lower print runs) or I want to "reward" developer.  
In the last 12 months I preordered: 
- Monkey Island 2 (they gave MI1 with preorder on Steam, so why not double dip)
-   Etrian Odyssey 3 (for an artbook and because it's Atlus game) 
- The Witcher 2 (because CE looks great) 
- Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition (because it's Duke) 

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In a  heartbeat.

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No, you didn't.

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Yeah, Steam is kinda broken on GB. Thing is, Steam didn't support timestamps, so noone knew when you played the game. But now that there're timestamps on Steam achievements maybe it will be fixed on GB as well. 
If there will be free weekend of the game that supports Steam achievements (thus appear in your library)  I think it will be re-added to your game list on GB.

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No paypal = no buy.

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And he "got" all achievements on Aug 25th? How stupid is he?

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Day 1 if there's paypal option.

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