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Story wise I would love to see a college setting allowing for mature/dark themes which we all seem to be a sucker for these days. In combination with that I would like to see the choice of choosing gender which creates two varied playthroughs in terms of available social links and perhaps other gameplay mechanics.

Aesthetically and for my personal enjoyment, I'd like to see the Velvet Room take place in a jet. So far we've had a regular wide room in P1 and P2, an elevator in P3, and a limo in P4.

Gameplay mechanics that I want are background leveling, having persona recipes available to you because some of those persona fusing requests got annoying cause w/o a guide it was hard to determine what personas you needed to combine and the option to cherry pick the move set of the persona fusion result at the cost of money. I literally spent one hour reshuffling to get the skills i wanted for Thanatos. I think paying for your ideal moveset seems fair and do something like with Fox where the service starts off expensive but have the person doing it have a social link and thereby decrease the cost at higher Social Link Lvls.

What do you guys think?

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the only thing that might put you off is that persona 3 lacks certain gameplay tweaks that were made in persona 4 to ease combat and accessibility (e.g. in p3 you can only control the main character, and you can't control your party members commands but you can suggest priorities like in p4 if you choose not to directly control your party in combat, when you tackle enemies weaknesses the get up pretty quickly, you can't see your party's equipment when you are out doing social activities or non dungeon parts) but those are minor things that might put off someone who has played p4 first then p3. to be honest i admire the darker tone both story wise a nd thematically of p3 and in my opinion prefer p3 over p4. so i say you definitely should get a copy of p3 or p3fes which serves as a spin off continuation.

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to be honest i would prefer fallout 3, it was such a memorable experience playing it the first time. wandering around, getting and choosing perks, the music, and the environment.

the spark was lost when i was playing fallout new vegas, cause it was too buggy such as companion missions not showing up sometimes and long loading times (i played on xbox so i can't speak for pc) the only thing that was truly improved was shooting (through aiming down sights) and companion interaction through the companion wheel. don't get me wrong new vegas is still great (lots of replay value and the same core gameplay) but fallout 3 is just more memorable.

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charlie tunoku is the true name! :-)

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i synced my steam achievements just fine but for xbox its saying its reporting my xbox account with zero games played. in addition i have set all security options in my account to public. any suggestions?

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L nuff said XD

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i heard somewhere it was going to be 3 discs

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in terms of the soundtrack that really bring out the most of the game whether it's the game's mood/atmosphere or the characters definitely persona 3 and 4 and bioshock for the great ambiance

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i won't buy it. . . right away that is cause i noe tons of dlc is going to come out (i.e. oblivion game of the year and fallout 3 game of the year) just wait for those

#10 Posted by reptilia_kun (103 posts) -

solo piano and i love to play final fantasy pieces: tifa's theme, to zanarkand etc.

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