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PSN ID: rerejo280

Eastern Standard

ACIV, Warframe :D

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Looks fine from my end.

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Awesome idea!

username: rerejo28

FC: 1392-4328-4968

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A few years ago I made a PSN account with my friend under his information, because i didn't have an E-Mail and was generally not very tech savvy. Well, I have been playing on that account for quite a long time, and have bought a lot of things on it with my parent's credit card, and have a lot of trophies I'm strangely attached to.

Well, since I made the account a long time ago with someone i lost touch with, i cannot for the life of me figure out the information to switch credit cards, so i decided to make another account with my credit card info, purchase things on that, and then play the games on my first account.

I have been mulling it over, and I have decided to buy playstation plus. The only problem is, if i buy playstation plus on my "purchasing account", will there be any features I cant access on my "playing account"? I looked around and couldn't find anything that spoke about my particular problem, so I'm hoping you guys could help?

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I am definitely interested!! I pre-ordered it for ps3.

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I have it, and am enjoying it somewhat, just make sure there's something nearby to smash nearby, so you don't freak out and throw the controller when you mess up. Oh, and you will mess up, it's inevitable. And don't play it around anyone, it'll just make you madder...


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I like Soul Eater... So... Watch that now... Oh, It's on Netflix, if thats your thing.

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@Pinworm45 said:

@SuperSambo said:

It is clearly a stunt for traffic. Why is everyone on twitter getting so riled up about it?

Because people are stupid and follow whatever the latest celebrity or poorly crafted video tells them to. Hey guys, hate Joseph Kony! Oh wait, it's a week later, no one gives a fuck.

Truth Siren over here.

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@Brendan said:

@MoleyUK said:

Those darn elusive RVGW dudes. We knew it all along. Evil. Eeeeeeeevil I tells ya!

What the...who made this?! I want it as a bumper sticker!

Oh god yes. I would pay a dumb amount of money for that...

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