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Shit. It was my first day off that week and I got up early, went to the gym, got home and reloaded the site. Or tried to. I kept trying to reload while I made breakfast; still down. I checked twitter and evidently something was up, radio silence from the duders after a few ambiguous tweets. Finally I loaded it up and sat staring at the screen for minutes before I just started crying. I'm a grown ass man but to lose someone that big, someone who'd been very open with you week after week for years, it was overwhelming. It still hurts, especially considering he'd just married. I see @enemynanner's tweets and feel awful, wish I could do something.

Anyway, I've had "(remembering Taswell)" in my Steam name since that day and that shows no signs of changing. I'll keep missing you, big guy and taking solace in the fact that if there is an afterlife, you'll be reigning king jester; sitting on cakes and wearing white on white New Balance 574s like a troubadour pharaoh.

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Yeah, it's ridiculously expensive for what it is and it doesn't really tell you how to play it or give you any indication of things like hotkeys. I say everyone should wait till launch unless you guys want to round out the GB crew.

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@somedelicook: Shit, yes, I maybe should've solicited some duders help on this...

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Hey guys,

I just received an email authorising my addition of Ryan "Taswell" Davis into the pool of prisoners available for incarceration in "Prison Architect". I haven't worked the game out myself so please post some pictures of Ryan: King Of Convicts at your earliest convenience.

Details as follows;

Your Prison Architect name in the game entry has been authorised.

PrisonerFirstName: Ryan

PrisonerNickName: Taswell

PrisonerLastName: Davis

PrisonerDoB: 1979-06-04

PrisonerBio: Convicted on multiple counts of 1st degree murder. His M.O. involved soliciting the help of a random stranger to move an arcade cabinet downstairs; he would then let go of his end, crushing the victim as they watched his 574's melt into darkness.

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I have never cried for anyone outside my family and even then I rarely do so but now I find myself sitting here in tears. I'm so sorry guys. I feel like I've lost a close friend, I can't imaging how the people who actually knew the smiling, hip-hop-pharoah-buddha feel right now.

"This room feels big and empty" - Ryan Davis (Giant Bombcast 06-25-2013: 02:05)

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Kirby. Game over.

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.Unskippable cut-scenes
.Infinitely spawning enemies
.No jump button
.No bot multiplayer, sometimes it's fun to practice offline with the AI or rock a game with friends, split-screen style
.Lack of 'guest' online multiplayer i.e. Halo 3's guest option
.Lack of co-op - Come on CoD, you have no excuse
.Plastic Instruments