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I'm gonna miss that skinny dude and his scoops. Bye Patrick!

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That's a good move. Can't wait to play Sunset Overdrive tonight.

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I came here because of Jeff and Ryan. Everything and everyone else was just icing on the cake. I still love this place!

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Well, I'll be picking this game up on the Xbox One. I'm sure I'll come to other platforms later.

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Man, poor Robin Williams. He was such a great actor and so funny. We'll miss ya!

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@gaspower: I'm a preview member and I downloaded it last night. It showed up as another app. I think it was called the EA Access Hub. I opened it up and subscribed. It opened up like a mini storefront and I just downloaded the games I didn't already own just like I normally would on the Xbox Store.

I like that it turned my boxed copy of Madden into a digital copy.

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I just subscribed to the service last night and paid $31.97 with my PayPal account. I can't wait to pay Dragon Age early, even if it's just for 2 hours. It's neat that the save carries over to the actual boxed copy.

As soon the hub downloaded last night I picked up Peggle 2, which I wanted since its debut. I also downloaded FIFA last night so I'll give that a try in a bit.

Also, I'm selling my copy of Madden 25 tomorrow because the EA Access program turned my disc copy into a digital one. That was neat. I hope Need for Speed Rivals becomes a Vault game soon. Either way, I can wait on that game.

Overall, I got two games and early access. Too bad I already owned a digital copy of Battlefield 4.

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I'm an Xbox preview member and I subscribed to the service last night. I downloaded FIFA and Peggle 2 last night. I'm selling my boxed copy of Madden tomorrow. I hope Need for Speed Rivals goes into the Vault soon. I'd love to try that game out.

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Man, I miss him so much! You were one of a kind Ryan. *raises bottle of coke* Cheers, Ryan!

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Beautiful. Simply amazing. That wonderful Ryan Davis laugh! RIP Ryan. 2013 took too many wonderful souls.

Wish Vin was still in SF office, but that's okay. Family first! :)