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Im sorry if this gets flagged, but ive stumbled across this on you tube from Jimmy kimmle and then an @ taswell tweet was read, id like to think that its the one and only Ryan Davis as the twitter name seems to match his.

anyhow hope you enjoy this random thing ....

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Ive not had any Issues running My Virgin Media V+ box Through the HDMI Pass thru yet....

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Way to soon, this isn't fair man, ill miss you Ryan, you've i always enjoyed the podcast, and that laugh cracked me up, you will be sorely missed Mr Davis, my thoughts goto Anna and the rest of the GB duders. even tho ive never met you sir, youve always felt like a friend to me.

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Bomberman Act Zero, Alpha Protocol, Alone In the Dark, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, and from back on the ps1, victory boxing challenger, sucked so much :(

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i Support Aston Villa and use team alot, but ill generally use, Walsall, Barca, Chelsea, Man City, Newcastle & arsenal because in the higher diversion's on H2HS people only use 5 star teams

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@MrKlorox said:

@Butano: I use rechargeable AA batteries since the official packs tend to die and refuse to charge after a while, and those fit so snugly into the little plastic sheath that it's really quite difficult to get them out and replace them. It takes a significant amount of centrifugal force flinging it around before they end up flying out and hitting something.

Put them on a quick charge kit over night it should fix them, always works for my older battery's

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@oraknabo: that's true, i have the odd issue with streaming pod-casts using iTunes ( i have the iPhone4) so as your on android i know its a whole different issue

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couldn't you just download it as an MP3 and play it back on the device and delete afterwards?