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You Should Demand More From Giant Bomb's News Headlines

Giant Bomb's News Headlines come across as needlessly exploitative...but it can be fixed.


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I feel a sense of pride in the fact that I got this gem on launch day, pre-ordered no less.  I took a sort of gamble on the talent of the team assembled and that gamble made me very happy.  I enjoyed the game, and will go back to it again when a lull happens. I look forward to Lollipop Chainsaw and all the insanity and hilarity that it will bring.  I truely hope Suda has a hit, this man needs to be able to keep making games, the industry would duller without him.

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@Video_Game_King: lol, Indeed I am.
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@Moody_Loner: Apple has a history of doing right by its customers.  
" As for the apology; then at least they are placating rather than cutting off users, like Apple do for example."
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Quite a stark contrast in feeling when Sony buys a studio vs. when Microsoft does.  When Microsoft buys a studio, I feel genuinely concerned for the Studio's future, whereas with Sony I look forward to what direction the studio will go in.

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Could not agree more with what you said.  Nintendo's "stay the course" philosophy might finally become detrimental.  The market paradigm has changed and their utter dismissal of this is reflected no better in the -20% investor drop in confidence. 
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This move is very uncharacteristic  for Nintendo and reeks of desperation. They could drop the price to $50 and it would still not be compelling enough with their current and announced line up. 

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Ya know, if it were any company besides ActiVision I would probably not find it as amusing.

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Wake me when it comes out on PS3, e.g. see you in a year :D